UFO at San Diego -

October 19th 1995


My Wife and I were lucky enough to see UFO twice, once in Hollywood on August 2nd and then again in San Diego on October 19th. I found out after the first show from Dave's pages that the band was hanging around after the show for autographs and such. We missed it on the Hollywood show and vowed to make it on the San Diego show. The San Diego Show was excellent! Same set list as the first one I posted. My wife Takako spent the days before the concert drawing 11x14" sketches of the Band members. We were once again in front of Michael and Pete, this time with no security guard pit in front of us. She kept switching sketches showing them to the band as they were playing. Pete came up to her during the show and handed her his guitar pick.

After the show, we waited in line to meet the band. I went out to the car and got Takako's Flying 'V'. When I got back to the line, people were saying that Michael was not there. I talked to Michael's guitar tech. I had noticed that during the show, he was pouring beer for Michael. I thought that he had given up alcohol and his guitar tech comfirmed that he was drinking a 'Light' beer.

We got up to the band members and I asked Phil where Michael was and he replied that he was having stomach problems.

Back in 1989-90 I was living in Japan. My wife and I met Paul Raymond at a small Japanese club (14 capacity ..fourteen!). He was fronting a band of Japanese members. He has played a lot of Lennon tunes and "Never Trust A Stranger' from MSG. After the show, we talked and he geve me his business card English on the front, Japanese on the back.

When I met him again I handed him his business card Japanese side up and he says to me "Hey, this is my card!" I explained to him how I got it and he didn't remember. I didn't blame him. I'm terrible with names myself.

We ended up getting Phil, Paul, Steven Wright and Pete to sign the 'V' and they also signed each of their sketches with Paul commenting "I look like GEORGE HARRISON"

It would have been a perfect night if Michael was there. Now I guess it's over.

- Mike (Stephansky)

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