UFO at Bacchanal, San Diego CA
19th October 1995

I attended the October 19th show in San Diego and have to say that UFO were in fine form! The band is tight and Phil Mogg's vocals and Michael Schenker's guitar playing are still a perfect match, just like they were in the 70's! They played for 90 intense minutes and no one left disappointed.

Michael was definitely the draw, but I think everyone also appreciated the great performances from Mogg, Raymond, Way, and Wright. "Strangers in the Night" fans were in heaven and virtually singing along all night! With the fans and band's enthusiasm very high right now, one can only hope that there will be another tour and another CD down the road...

Meeting Phil, Simon, Paul, and Pete afterwords to get the new CD signed was a true highlight. They were all friendly and enjoyable to chat with. Unfortunately, Michael did not appear after the show to sign autographs (wonder if anyone out there knows why?) Also, a lot of people are mistaking Simon Wright for Andy Parker, although Simon did say he's used to it. I wonder if Andy will tour in the U.K.?

Anyway, seeing/hearing UFO live and buying the new CD are highly recommended! And there's no better way to drive home from the show than cranking "Walk on Water".

Here's the complete set list (it's close to the right order):

Natural Thing
Mother Mary
Let it Roll
Out in the Street (Phil's vocals are killer here)
This Kids
Venus (love that Paul Raymond keyboard intro!)
Pushed to the Limit (a great new guitar riff)
Love to Love
Too Hot to Handle (obvious crowd sing-along song)
Only You Can Rock Me
Lights Out
Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom (awesome Schenker solo segment)
Shoot Shoot
C'mon Everybody

By the way, a band named Lode opened and they were actually really good, with a bluesy sound and a talented female vocalist.

John Geiler


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