UFO at the Hollywood Palace 8/02/95

After driving 3 hours up from San Diego, my wife Takako and I ate at the Sun Palace Chinese Restaurant across from the Hollywood Palace. At the end of the meal her fortune cookie said "Your wish will come true".

We stood in the relatively short line for 2 hours waiting for the doors to open at 8:00 p.m. By the time the doors opened, the relatively short line was snaking around the back of the palace and throughout the parking lot. The doors opened and we filed in, my wife and I walked to the stage. The whole front of the right half(from audience perspective) of the stage was already 2 - 3 people deep. We went to the left side ant got right up to the barrier with nothing in front of us but the security guards. Agonizing through the opening act TRIANGLE, who spared us by only playing for 30 minutes, The public address system played an ad for the Walk On Water CD and then played the first cut 'A Self Made Man'. UFO hit the stage at 10:10 with Michael SCHENKER right in front of us! We were ecstatic. Michael was playing his guitar tech's # 4 white 'V' with his bare wood repaired neck black and white 'V' as a backup. He never did switch to it. The opening number was NATURAL THING and non stop into MOTHER MARY. Michael switched back and forth with an Ovation Acoustic during LOVE TO LOVE. It was the only song that he played acoustic on. Pete Way was in his usual form, He'll never have to take an aerobics class. He was all over the stage, even when his wireless system conked out and he was tethered on a 20 foot guitar chord.

All in all it was an excellent show ending about 11:30

The complete Set list:

1 Natural Thing
2 Mother Mary
3 Let It Roll
4 This Kids
5 Out In The Street
6 Venus
7 Push It To The Limit
8 Love To Love
9 Only You Can Rock Me
10 Too Hot To Handle
11 Lights Out
12 Doctor Doctor
13 Rock Bottom
14 Shoot Shoot (encore)
15 C'mon Everybody (encore)

Mike Stephansky.

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