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Disclaimer: Although I have tried to keep the news presented here as up to date and accurate as possible using the most reliable sources available at the time, I claim no responsibility for the reliability of information!


21st December 2000:

Quick news item: original studio recording of 'Save Your Prayers' is now available exclusively from the Paul Chapman site,, as a CD called "Your Prayers Are Saved".

"Your Prayers Are Saved" contains the original studio recording of Waysted's "Save Your Prayers", along with bonus track "Fire Under The Wheels". In addition, "Your Prayers Are Saved" contains almost 20 minutes of unreleased music, including:

18th December 2000:

I will stop coming into my office very soon and my connection to work from home is rather erratic, so there are unlikely to be many updates here before 2nd/3rd January 2001.

There seems to be a lot of discussion on the UFO2000 list about the message from Michael that has appeared at the MSR site.. but basically the message is just echoing the official reason for the tour being cancelled.. no more.. no less.

I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... and despite recent events, there are still things to look forward to in 2001 including the long-awaited Mogg/Kollman/Gaalaas/Curtain project...

11th December 2000:

Got my paws on the latest Classic Rock over the weekend... the UFO article actually makes good reading.. giving a condensed history of the band along with recent comments by messers Mogg, Way and Schenker. Obviously written before the recent tour, irony corner is pleased to note a quote from Pete Way:

"I often think that going to see UFO is a bit like buying a lottery ticket. Will the band turn up? Will the guitarist smash his guitar and walk off? Will they finish the show? With us, you never know. " - Pete Way, Classic Rock Xmas 2000.

Classic Rock subscription enquiries:

7th December 2000:

No new news on recent events.... and would not expect any for a while. See other sites for extensive post-mortems.

There appear to be problems with sending emails to me today... if you send me an email to and it gets bounced back, please try to re-send a few hours later... hopefully the problem will soon be fixed (probably something wrong with the mail-server here).

Latest issue of Classic Rock now out... which includes a feature on UFO (written before the tour).

30th November 2000:

I keep getting emails telling me that Wolverhampton and the Astoria are still claiming that the UFO gigs will go ahead... yes, this was the case, but now both venues have officially cancelled the remaining concerts.. as expected.

Official Shane Gaalaas site now up and running!

Hits on this site have been reaching 24000 the past few days! Haven't been this busy since the 'Heavens Gate cult' all committed suicide in 97 (when I was getting 70000 hits a day!).

29th November 2000:

As far as I am aware nothing has changed in tour situation since yesterday.

Track listing to new Michael Schenker 2 CD compilation album 'Into The Arena' is now up here. I'm listening to it now... and whatever you think of recent events... there's some great stuff on these CDs!

28th November 2000:

Just had word from tour manager via Alan, TOUR IS DEFINATELY OFF... claims that its not are due to a lack of communication.

NON-UFO-TOUR news! Heaven & Earth's WINDOWS TO THE WORLD, due out January 15 from Frontiers Records featuring guitarist Stuart Smith, keyboardist Arlan Schierbaum and drummer Richie Onori (Harlan Cage/Bobby Kimball) have recruited vocalist KELLY KEELING (Baton Rouge/Blue Murder/MSG) for the album. Kelly also appears on a Thin Lizzy tribute album to be released February 5th: "THE SPIRIT OF THE BLACK ROSE - A TRIBUTE TO PHILIP LYNOTT". He contributes vocals to a version of "Don't Believe A Word" (from Detritus).

27th November 2000 addendum:

Apparantly Wolverhampton and the Astoria don't think that thier shows have been cancelled yet... possibly they haven't been informed yet.... more news as I get it.

27th November 2000

As suspected.. rest of UK tour has been cancelled.. official reason 'singer not feeling well'.

As part of the fall-out, Tristan has felt obliged to close his site, please take a moment to go and visit the only page left online. As a friend, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tristan for all the hard work he has put into his site.. and for giving me some stiff competition over the years! I hope that some day if circumstances improve that he will feel ready to reinstate his site.

I would also like to re-iterate my comments yesterday in light of emails and such-like... I am not trying to make excuses for Michael, what happened at Manchester was inexcusable... all I am asking people to do is see these guys as human beings, with all the problems, feelings, emotions that we all have.

Various sites are now posting comments sent to them on what has occurred... I will refrain from doing this here.. and reserve the right to edit reviews for content. The reason being that when the US tour in '95 fell apart I did print peoples comments.. and even set up 'The Soap-box' specifically for this purpose.. but months later I regretted doing this, and in addition people gradually emailed me back to ask that what they had written should be taken off... in the heat of the moment everyone and their dog has an opinion, in the cold light of day that opinion may change. Feel angry, yes... feel bitter, yes... feel cheated if you want... but also be a little responsible.

I'm not lecturing.. just giving everyone the benefit of my experiences.

By some peverse act of fate my copy of the new Michael Schenker compilation 'Into The Arena' arrived today.... I will give my opinion of it when I can face listening to it!

26th November 2000

15:00pm: Newport gig officially cancelled.

13:44pm: Just got off the phone to Mike Pincher (go see his site for his update) but basically he has had a phone call from Phil who is still at his home in London. At present Phil has no intention of driving to the gig.. but the impression I got was that there was a very slim, outside chance that he could be persuaded otherwise. earlier I had some information relayed to me from the tour manager who is in Newport.. and at the moment he is going ahead as if the gig WILL happen... but don't read too much into this.. until he gets a firm cancellation message it is his job to carry on as if the show will be going ahead.. he's a professional under legal contract to do a job... From other things I have heard my impression is that the gig will almost certainly NOT be happening. But watch this space for an update confirming this or otherwise.

On a more personal note... I have been reading comments on various places.. and have been getting a LOT of emails on this subject.. and I have to ask people to take a moment to sit back and look at the band and Michael in particular as human beings, not some commodity that for some reason we think we own. From recent performances and Fridays show in particular, it should be obvious to everybody that at the moment Michael has a serious heavy drinking problem, which is affecting not only his playing but his ability to see what is going on around him. We have all seen over the years many of our music idols ruin their lives, or even die, through drink or drink related problems... rather than vent our anger on someone who has after all given years of pleasure through his amazing talent, we should all be hoping that he will pull himself out of this, for himself, not for us.

25th November 2000

Got back from Manchester at 3:00am this morning after three days of near spinal tap proportions! Uli has been incredible every night.. in fact getting better with each show.. and he has an amazing band behind him! UFO performances have been erratic, although as a band it was a great performance on Thursday night. Last night however was a huge disappointment... I have always tried to maintain an objective impartiality on these pages.. but last night Michael Schenker screwed up... BIG time. To their credit, Phil in particular, the rest of the band tried to keep the show going.. but to no avail. No encore, a hostile crowd, and Michael booed off stage. I never thought I'd see the day when this would happen.. and it really was a tear-jerking sight.

A full review of this show, and the other two I went to will appear shortly.. but from what was being said backstage after the show.. it is EXTREMELY unlikely that there will be any more dates. If this changes I will put details here immediately. A very sad day.

On a lighter note it was great to see both Mike Pincher (MGAB, who was also at Thursdays gig) and Wendi from the UFO A2Z site who made the trip from the States especially. After all these years I can now put a face to the names!

21st November 2000

UK leg of the tour starts tomorrow. Expect next update sometime over the weekend when I've recovered from the first three dates!

20th November 2000

Show review from 17th November added to Tour 2000/2001 page.

This has been subject of discussion on the UFO2000 mailing list, but for those who have missed it UFO was ranked 84th on the VH1 100 best hard rock acts, aired last week.

16th November 2000

For people going to the UK gigs, or people curious about the location of the concerts, I have added more links on the Tour Dates page and the Tour 2000/2001 page (follow link from 'Daves Diary' section). I have added as many links to venues web-pages as I can find, and there is also a location map for every UK gig (from Any errors please let me know!

13th November 2000

I finally have some news of the US leg of the UFO tour! UFO will play at the Ventura Theatre, Ventura, CA on 17th January (thanks Ken)! More dates will be added as soon as I get them... if they are not on these pages, I do not know them so please do not email!

Please note that there was a mistake in Leifs email address (9th November). If you would like to buy his December 1st Astoria ticket his email address is:

New show review (Stuttgart) added.

10th November 2000

Wolverhampton Civic Hall have a competition to win one of two pairs of tickets to the UFO concert there on 30th November. The competition details can be found HERE!

9th November 2000

Lots of great pictures from the Berlin gig are now linked from the Tour Page, thanks Maciej.

Leif in Denmark has a spare ticket for the sold out Astoria gig on 1st December, since he can now only make the concert on the 3rd. Please contact him at if interested in taking it off his hands.

8th November 2000

Used to be so easy looking up-to-date when I was the only UFO site!

Have been told that the Tilburg date, 2nd December, which is sandwiched between the two London dates IS still going ahead on that date.

Two more show reviews added to the Tour 2000/2001 page.

Has been a new Michael Schenker 2 CD compilation "Into The Arena - 1972-1995 (Highlights & Overtures)" released. "..featuring 34 tracks and over 150 minutes of music, drawing from a selection of non-album rarities and previously Japanese only bonus tracks housed with a deluxe 16 page colour booklet containing extensive liner notes and quality images." Source, where there are more details. Now available at

3rd November 2000

First reports of last nights concert posted to the UFO-2000 mailing list by Christoph... his review and the set list can be found on the Tour 2000/20001 Page.

Four songs were included from the new CD, as was Cherry which was not included on the last tour, or previous. Apart from those no real surprises.

1st November 2000

The waiting is almost over... UFO tour kicks off tomorrow...

UFO Tour 2000/2001 page now added to the site.. please send in any show reviews or comments and I will endeavour to get them posted as soon as possible!

Archive of Phils chat on Rocknrollstation is now up at

Looks likely that the the Mogg/Kollman et. al. collaboration will be released January 2001.. more news as it becomes available.

24th October 2000

Appears that an extra date at the Astoria has been added to the UK tour.. 3rd December. Stand by for some more good news about the tour!

News on the Pete Way appearance at Columbus (benefit night for The Columbus Free Press). Pete Way band appeared on stage at 12:30 in an woefully underfilled club, but all the news on the bands performance is very positive ("Walt very, very good and the band tight") ! Pete has been quoted as saying that he will be playing with his band during the breaks on the UFO tour. Set list: American Kid, Hangin Out, Crazy, Hole, Hole 2, Too Hot too Handle, Hand to Hold, Thats Tuff, Fooled Again, Too Hot too Handle (2nd time). (Thanks for the report Steve).

18th October 2000

Have been asked to put a very obvious link to, the internet radio station which did the excellent interview with Phil a short while back. The site needs sponsors, and to do this they need hits.. please go and visit.. go and have a look/listen, and if you like what you see go back again! Sites like this need our support, unless you're happy with listening to the crap that most radio stations subject us to.

16th October 2000 now has the interview with Michael Schenker (advertised below) up on thier site as a soundfile.

Latest 'Ye Olde Metal' is up at which is currently a feature on Obsession, with commentary from Pete Way. Martin is also responsible for the story on Covenant at that old fave of ours

13th October 2000

Interview with Michael Schenker in the October issue of Guitar Magazine (thanks Robert).

OFU, the UFO-Coverband from Schenker's hometown Hannover, Germany, is doing another gig at the "Frosch" in Hannover on 21st October 2000 at 9pm.

10th October 2000

Added News Digest feature. The past few months news in condensed form!

9th October 2000

Mike at the UFO Appreciation Society has a LIMITED stock of old UFO tour T-shirts, along with some cheap CDs for sale. plan to visit ex-MSG drummer Bodo Schopf in his studio to make a 'Home report'. Bodo has a new prog-rock band up and running, and rockreunion want to do an extended interview. If anyone has a question they would like to ask (about the MSG albums, the tours, Bodo's other bands Sweet, Eloy etc.) please contact them! They hope to be able to make a date before Christmas.

5th October 2000

New UFO tour date added, November 20th, Belgium (Antwerp). More details on Tour Dates page (and at

Cosmosquad will appear at the Baked Potato again (Hollywood) on October 5th, 9:30pm.

Also, don't forget Pete Way gig on 12th October, Ohio.

3rd October 2000

Delay putting up a news item for 24 hours and I get inundated with emails! Brian at has now posted an interview with Pete Way. He also points out that a while back there was also a review of Covenant posted.

29th September 2000

Don't forget Phil Mogg live interview later today (see September 26th entry). To see/hear the live interview you will need certain stuff downloaded.. I would advise checking beforehand that you're all set up.

Excellent interview with Pete Way at Don't miss it! (Thanks Tom)

26th September 2000

Detritus ( have a mini-issue of their ezine this week with a Pete Way interview and review of Petes recent gig. A copy of this email can be found here or at the Detritus web site.

Thanks to everyone who told me of this: "Phil Mogg of UFO will be in our studios this Friday Sept.29th,2000 at 12:00pm pacific time/3:00pm Eastern time (US time zones)for a live interview! Our site gives you the option of audio or audio/video so you can watch and listen to the interview! We also have a chat room where you can hang out with other UFO and rock fans. Let the DJ know of any questions you have for Phil while he's there!"
Log on to You will need windows media player to get audio and video.

UFO-Coverband "OFU" will play in Hannover/Germany on 2000-09-29, 9pm at the "Labor". If you want to find out more about OFU, go here: (thanks Christoph).

From the 'please pinch me.. I'm having a bad dream' files: "Spain's HAEMORRHAGE have recorded a tribute album called Loathesongs with the following tracklisting: 'Intro-Megaton' (DEFECATION), 'Vestige Of Earthly Remains' (Defecation), 'Pyosisified (Rotten To The Gore)' (CARCASS), 'Premature Autopsy' (ENTOMBED), 'Disgorging Foetus' (REGURGITATE), 'Oozing Molten Gristle' (original), 'Dear Uncle Creepy' (IMPETIGO), 'Fascist Pig' (SUICIDAL TENDENCIES), 'M.A.D.' (CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER), 'Satanic Masowhore' (IMPALED NAZARENE) and 'Doctor Doctor' (UFO). The album is available through Morbid Records..." (Brave Radio)

22nd September 2000

"Please let all Michael fans know that Mike will be LIVE ON THE TOUR BUS THIS WEEKEND!

Saturday, September 23rd! The show starts @ 8pm. (e.s.t.)

The Tour Bus is a nationally syndicated Rock Radio Show, plus streamed live on the web @

Help us spread the word! As Schenker comes on to discuss the new UFO album COVENANT!"

21st September 2000

From what I have heard yesterdays (for people in the UK anyway!) web chat was a success (and contrary to previous post was Pete and Michael, not Phil). I am hoping for a full transcript to be sent to me very soon which will, of course, be posted here!

Second web chat is tonight, 8-9pm EST hosted by Rock On Line (

News of Pete's charity gig the other day in Chicago is that it was, and I quote from one of the organisers, 'awesome'! Show was sold out, with 650 'screaming' UFO fans. As part of the concert Pete jammed with a UFO tribute band, MST (Michael Schenker Tribute). The 'Rainbow Foundation', the charity involved, has a 'Dash Dunbar Benefit' show this Friday night, September 22nd, at Joe's on Weed St. in Chicago. There will be performances by Rik Emmett, Kelly Keagy, Jim Peterik, Two Fires, Chip Z'Nuff and Donnie Vie from Enuff Z'Nuff, and others, and now several copies of John Taglieri's LEAP OF FAITH will be included in the charity auctions throughout the night. John will also be in attendance to personally autograph each copy for the winners.

From the official Pete Way site,, "The Pete Way Band will be playing a benefit for the Columbus Free Press in Columbus, Ohio on October 12, at Little Brothers, 1100 N. High Street. The event begins at 6:30 p.m. Pete and his band will play around 12:45am-2am. Donation at the door:
Contact info: 614-253-2571."

The 'Misdemeanor Tour' video has been released on DVD (29th August) and can be ordered from (thanks Patty). Track listing: Heaven's Gate, The Chase, This Time, Meanstreets, Name of Love, The Only Ones, Wreckless, Night Run, Only You Can Rock Me, Doctor Doctor.

Next April 10th 'Spitfire'will re-release the following CDs in the US: Mechanix, Force It, No Heavy Petting, No Place To Run, Making Contact and Misdemeanor (Detritus).

Also from Detritus, Vaughn tour dates (Danny Vaughn of Waysted fame): 9/25 - JB's, Dudley, West Midlands, UK; 9/26 - Cathouse, Glasgow, UK; 9/27 - Trillian's, Newcastle, UK (4:00 PM autograph session at The Groovemachine preceeds gig); 9/28 - Virgin Records, Coventry, UK (autograph session, time TBA); 9/29 - Oliver Twist, Colchester, UK; 9/30 - Rock City/The Rig, Nottingham, UK; 10/1 - Jilly's Rockworld, Manchester, UK; 10/2 - London Underworld, London, UK; 10/4 - Limelight, Crewe, UK; 10/5 - Rock Station At Burley's, Worthing, UK; 10/6 - Borderij, Zoetermeer, Holland; 10/7 - Biebob, Vossellar, Belgium; 10/8 - Sijwa, Baarlo, Holland; 10/11 - Bar Anticipation, Belmar, NJ; 14 - L'amour, Brooklyn, NY (10:00 PM live radio interview on WDHA'a "Tour Bus" 105.5 FM preceeds gig); 10/15 - Wreck Room, Wallington, NJ.

19th September 2000

Back from hols.. and for once there hasn't been any major news stories while I've been away!

Don't forget AOL online chat with Phil and Pete tonight, 10-11pm EST (see news item 8th September). Doubt I'll be there myself (will be early hours of the morning here) so have fun if you log on! Apparantly (Detritus) Promoters are hoping to organize another chat that will be "more timely for European fans."

Have been asked to mention a five hour rock show being put together for VH1 which will be split over 5 nights, November 13th to 17th in US. I've been told that all you guys will enjoy it.. but not if they will be showing anything directly relevant to these pages.....

Check out message from Pete at the Official Pete Way site.. and BUY HIS ALBUM!

8th September 2000

I have been asked by Gail Flug to pass on the following information:

Members of UFO will be holding two on-line chats soon:

Tuesday, September 19th, 10-11pm EST
America On Line,
AOL users can participate by going to keyword: Rock Chat. Non AOL users will need the AOL software to participate, which can be downloaded for free at

Thursday, September 21st, 8-9pm EST
Rock On Line
go to www.rockonline for details

There is an mp3 of a previously unreleased MSG song from the Save Yourself sessions ('Vicious') taken from the recent Japanese rereleases at

5th September 2000

Oooops! Silly me... of course there is no such thing as a Klein violin (thought it sounded odd!)... it's Steve Bentley-Klein on violin!!! Thanks Jonas for pointing that out!

4th September 2000

Pete way interview at Metal Meltdown (thanks Robert).

While on the subject, check out the official Pete Way site, for news of exclusive Amphetamine CDs with bonus tracks!.

New Uli Jon Roth album, 'Transcendental Sky Guitar', is due for Japanese release September 9th, worldwide release 20th September. It will include both live and studio tracks (including a track from G3) and Uli is ably backed up by former/current MSG members/collaborators Shane Gaalaas, Barry Sparks and Don Airey along with vocalist Liz Vandall who blew everyone away on the G3 tour (and Steve Bentley on 'Klein Violin'???!). More information including two tracks avaliable NOW as a download can be found at the official Uli site, and of course us Brits have live performances to look forward to when Uli hits the road in November.

1st September 2000

New Paul Chapman CD 'Anthology' is now on sale. As far as I can make out this is a compilation spanning his entire career chosen by Chapman himself, which makes a change with these things! Details at the official Paul Chapman site.

31st August 2000

For those of you wondering, this site was not reachable for two and a half days over the weekend due to a problem with the JANET network (the weekend was a holiday w/end here in the UK so of course no-one was around to fix it!).

Pete Way will be playing live at the Penny Road Pub in South Barrington, IL on Sept. 16th at 8:00pm as part of the release party for the Amphetamine CD. Tickets are $5.00 at the door. The day before, (Friday, Sept. 15) Pete will be at Impulse Music 344 E. Irving Park Rd. Roselle, IL for an in-store meet and greet from 7:00-9:00. All of this is to benefit The Rainbow Foundation Inc., a not for profit organization dedicated to children and families in crisis. It is also billed as part of the Dash Dunbar Memorial Series, sponsored by The LOOP (97.9) FM (thanks Dave for the info). See also the Official Pete Way site.

There have been some changes to the German UFO tour dates, see the Tour Dates page for details.

Radio news from Hans is that WLUP in Chicago is airing Miss The Lights from Covenant on a regular basis. Pete has also been interviewed by an onair personality Cara Carriveau from the same station that will air either September 9 or 10 from 6-7 PM. She also had word that UFO would be in Chicago in February, 2001.

23rd August 2000

Thanks to Morpheus for his update on the Cosmosquad gigs at the Baked Potato (see 18th August news item). In his words "Not a big crowd on hand, but those assembled were treated to a mind blowing display of virtuosity by each of the three Cosmosquad members. A cool little evening and rather unexpected!". As predicted Phil Mogg was at the event, but unfortunately did not get coaxed onto stage.

Forgot to mention.. new Michael Schenker instrumental is now on sale.. reports of copies arriving at peoples homes are coming in, to a mixed response. Sales direct through MSR (or try Tims site).

18th August 2000

Jeff has sent me the following gig dates.. bear in mind that Phil Mogg is currently in the area putting the finishing touches to his collaboration with Jeff (see August 8th entry). I would hazzard a guess that an appearance of some sort would not be unexpected... but even if not it should be worth going anyway!

Cosmosquad Live

Jeff Kollman/ Guitar Shane Gaalaas/ Drums Chris Maloney/Bass

This coming Monday August 21st.
The Baked Potato
North Hollywood
Show time: 9:30
Location: 3878 Cahuenga Blvd west.. North Hollywood.
Phone: (818) 980-1615

This coming Tuesday August 22nd
The Baked Potato
Guitar Polooza night
(also appearing on the Guitarpolooza night CURTIS, and ADRIAN G.)
Location: 6266 Sunset Blvd
Phone: (323) 461-6400

Cosmosquad live at Musicians Institute
Thursday August 24th.
Showtime : 6 pm.

(Chris Maloney is temporarly filling in for bassist Barry Sparks.) Yes Barry is still in the band!!!!
For more info on Cosmosquad, check out the site at

10th August 2000

Another Phil Mogg interview at

8th August 2000

News from Jeff Kollman on the recording of the collaboration he is doing with Phil Mogg (along with Shane Gaalaas, Jimmy Curtain and 'special guests') is that it will most certainly be a 'band' as opposed to a 'Mogg solo' album, although a name has illuded them so far. The vocals should have started being done today and it should be done and mixed by September.

The House Of Shred have a review of Covenant and a very interesting interview with Phil Mogg. Among items of interest is that when UFO hit the road they will be taking along with them Jeff Martin on drums (vocalist for Racer X and drummer for Badlands) and Luis Maldonado on Keyboards/Rhythm (did background vocals on Chocolate Box).

Further to the Bonnet news yesterday I have been asked to put a link to the Official Graham Bonnet site where there is news on he and Michael writing songs for Grahams next CD.

7th August 2000

Tour dates now at the UFO managements site (thanks Codge/RB Araki) European support is now confirmed as Glenn Hughes. For UK dates we're in for a real treat... support is Uli Roth.. if he's on anything like the form he displayed on the G3 tour these are going to be some great gigs! Official Uli Jon Roth page.

Steve has now set up the Official Pete Way web site.. it's pretty basic at the moment but expect it to grow!

From Detritus: "Graham Bonnet has rejoined Impellitteri. He originally left the band after recording STAND IN LINE in 1988. The new album will be called SEEK AND DESTROY, and it's due out early next year. For more info, see"

3rd August 2000

I have been told from a reliable source (thanks Brent) that there WILL be a US tour following on from Europe.. starting early next year. Also, there have been unconfirmed rumours for a while that Michael will not be touring.. these rumours are FALSE. Brent was told within the last week from Michael himself that he WILL be touring with UFO.

31st July 2000

New Michael Schenker instrumental, "Dreams and Expressions" will now be available August 15th, 2000 through MSR. At present I still assume that this is exclusively directly from MSR or gigs.

Covenant should have been released in the UK today.

28th July 2000

First UK UFO gig confirmed as Glasgow Barrowland, 22nd November 2000 followed by nationwide tour ending at London Astoria 1st December. See Tour Dates page for full details.

27th July 2000

Tom has noticed that on the US release of Covenant the running order of the live bootleg CD is different to that on the sleeve.. strangely the correct running order IS the same as the UK promo I have! (correct running order)

On a related note Hobs has asked me to mention that Shadows ( are selling Covenant for only 11.99!

From Detritus,, "Vaughn tour dates: 9/25 - JB's, Dudley, UK; 26 - Cathouse, Glasgow, Scotland; 27 - TBA, Dundee, Scotland; 29 - Oliver Twists; 30 - Rock City, Nottingham, UK; 10/1 - Rockworld, Manchester, UK; 2 - Bierkeller, Bristol, UK; 4 - Limelight, Crewe, UK; 5 - Underworld, London, UK; 6 - TBA, Holland; 7 - Biebob, Belgium; 8 - TBA, Holland; 12 - Tinks, Scranton, PA. More US dates are planned for October 11 and 13."

25th July 2000

It would appear that the revised release date for Covenant was only for UK! Other countries do appear to be stocking the album now.

German tour dates NOW ADDED to the Tour Dates page (thanks Christian). There are rumours that the Cologne show will be broadcast by the TV station WDR. Also from Germany, the August Metal Hammer features a very positive review of Covenant, apparantly saying that it is "the best U.F.O. record since Strangers in the Night" (A little over the top perhaps.. but it is good for the band to be getting such good reviews in respected publications). The same issue carries an interview with Phil Mogg.

Cosmosquad will be playing at the Baked Potato, Hollywood (see below) again on August 22nd.

17th July 2000

Sorry for late notice.. only just received..

Cosmosquad Live at the Baked Potato

Jeff Kollman/ Guitar Shane Gaalaas/ Drums Chris Maloney/Bass

North Hollywood
This coming Monday July 17th.
Show time: 9:30

Location: 3878 Cahuenga Blvd west.. North Hollywood.
Phone: (818) 980-1615

(Chris Maloney is temporarly filling in for bassist Barry Sparks.) Yes Barry is still in the band!!!!
For more info on Cosmosquad , check out the site at

14th July 2000

Release of new UFO album, Covenant, has been put back a week to July 31st.

According to RB Arikis site, Burnn magazine has some interesting interviews.. as well as catching up with the news that was on this site a month ago of the Mogg/Kollman collaboration! Isn't the Internet great!

10th July 2000

Received my proper release of Amphetamine (i.e. not a promo) in the post at the weekend, so I assume it has now definately been released! (watch out for different artwork to that previously circulated).

This from "And the other big release this year is the Ricky Phillips, Tommy Aldrige, Marcus Nand and Robin McAuley project - Elements Of Friction. The planned release is set for September. Watch this site for full song list, CD cover and full album info shortly." (thanks Codge).

Always glad to do this: ordered a copy of 'Stampede - Hurricane Town' LP (Laurence Archer) from, and was very pleased with the service (no I'm not on commission). They seem to have loads of UFO/MSG LPs, singles, CDs etc. too if you're looking hard to find stuff.

3rd July 2000

Answers to Wendis quiz and winners of competition now up at her Contest Page!

Gary Barden is to join 'Company of Snakes' for the Gelsenkirchen festival "and possibly further gigs" following the departure of Robert Hart (source:

In addition to the initial UFO gig of their forthcoming tour (2nd November, Hannover, Germany), the Podium, Hardenberg (Holland) is advertising an appearance by them on November 18th.

30th June 2000

Wendi at UFO A2Z has six promo copies of Covenant, and is giving them away to the people who get the best results in her competition!. Check out the site too for sound files from the tracks on the album (amazingly quick updating Wendi!).

29th June 2000

Expect frequent additions to both the Covenant and Amphetamine pages over the next few weeks as reviews and such-like are added. Recently added to Covenant page is link to review at Rock Reunion.

26th June 2000

Forgot to put this on... release date for Covenant is July 25th 2000. Seeing as everyone else is doing so... here's a link to pre-order yourself a copy!

I have started a new page 'Dave's Daily'. Inspired by Steve's album of the month ( I will frequently (almost daily!) update it with what music I'm currently listening to. If it doesn't work it'll be removed!

25th June 2000

Been doing some major maintainance on the site the past few days, adding details, removing some out of date stuff and re-organising the file structure. PLEASE tell me if you find any dead links!

24th June 2000

Seems that this UFO special on MSNBC is a little green men and flying saucers special.. sorry for the confusion.

23rd June 2000

Had my first listen to Covenant today.. and it is good.. no, it is VERY good! More news on this next week!

Have been told that there will be a UFO special on MSNBC (a cable station in the USA) on Sunday June 25, 2000 at 9:00pm

This site may be off-line for afew hours over the weekend for some essential maintainance.. just try again later if this is the case.

22nd June 2000

Press release regarding Covenant at Mikes UFO Appreciation page

New Pete Way is now for sale at

13th June 2000

Bit of a cleanup of my inbox during a well needed break from marking exams has produced a larger than usual update for today!

There seems to be talk of MSG supporting AC/DC on their upcoming US tour.. haven't seen anything to confirm this myself, but keep an eye on the ACDC page at for news (seems to be regularly updated).

News on Covenant (see below also) from the UFO Appreciation Society page (stop trying to put me out of business Mike!). Album will be a 2CD set, one CD with all eleven tracks (no additional bonus track for Japanese release) the second a live CD. Track listing confirmed as given 24th May below. Tour will start in Germany November 2nd 2000.

Been sitting on this cos I was told not to say anything.. and then it appears all over the place! Rather tha type it all myself, this is taken from the latest ezine from Brave Radio:
"On the heels of last year's acclaimed MOGG/WAY album, Chocolate Box, guitarist Jeff Kollman and UFO vocal legend, Phil Mogg, are teaming up once again for a new project. The duo have written close to two dozen songs for a Mogg solo album which Kollman is currently producing in his L.A. home studio. "Phil has never done anything but the UFO band thing and Mogg/Way. I thought it would be a great opportunity to show his fans some of his many different stylistic influences. One being his blues roots from which he draws to get so much soul", says Kollman about the motivation behind the project. Joining Mogg and Kollman in the studio will be drummer Shane Gaalaas (MSG, ULI JON ROTH, ARTENSION), bassist Jimmy Curtain as well as a number of special guests. A new Mogg/Way disc has also been discussed and is likely to see the light of day sometime next year......('old' news deleted) ........ On a related note, Kollman, Gaalaas, and Sparks are also nearing completion of the TRUTH record, a progressive hard rock project with L.A. vocalist Robbie Wycoff. Currently unsigned, the band are hoping to have the album out before the end of the year."

There is a short piece in the July 'Classic Rock' on Petes solo album and the forthcoming UFO album. Talking about 'Covenant' Schenker is quoted as saying "Spirit within UFO has never been better. It doesn't sound like a tired record. Its basis is hard rock, but the choruses are very catchy. some are almost Beatle-ish [!!!!!!!! - Dave]. We weren't trying to re-tread old ground, but as soon as you hear it you'll know it's us." On a related note, the June issue of the same magazine contained a review of the new Vaughn album (Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside) which it gave a scoreof 4/5, along with one page piece on Danny Vaughn ('a beginners guide to.....').

Also in the June Classic Rock they reviewed the recent UFO reissues (Live in Texas 2/5, High Stakes 3/5 and Lights OUt in Tokyo (3/5) and they confirmed that 'Live in Texas' is indeed part of the 'Parkers Birthday' boot.

From June 4th Brave Radio ezine: "Watch for a forthcoming tribute to THIN LIZZY called Killers On The Loose Again, featuring 13 tracks covered by ex-members of BLACK SABBATH, WHITRSNAKE, UFO, GRIM REAPER, FM, OZZY OSBOURNE, SAMSON, MOTORHEAD and others..." no more news on that.

In answer to a very frequently asked question, the illusive Fin has been found alive and well.. check out the Paul Chapman site at for the news!

Watch out for a new album soon from Uli Jon Roth, a double two hour epic entitled "Transcendental Sky Guitar", probably due out in a couple of months. Check out the official Uli page at for more information and news.

Oh well.. back to those exam scripts!

26th May 2000

Sorry Walt! Guitarists name for the Pete Way CD is Walt James, not James Walt as I said yesterday and the drummer is a guy called Scott Phillips.

Mike at the Official UFO Appreciation Society, and editor of the Misty Green and Blue fanzine finally has his own page on the 'Net where he will try to post regular updates. It can be found at

There is also another UFO page been set up by Lee at

My 'Links' section is now extremely out of date... it WILL be updated soon!

25th May 2000 LATE ADDITION:

Pete Ways debut solo album "Amphetamine" will be released very soon through Zoom Club Records (see their web page for a download and latest news on their releases). The 8 track album features Pete on vocals and bass, James Walts on guitar and the band completed by a drummer.. sorry, don't know his name. I have heard snippets of the album over the phone and it sounds very good, and in several places there are 'features' that I can guarantee will get UFO fans smiling! More news as and when I get it!

25th May 2000

Tim at Detritus ( has been very busy again, and has two MSG related news items (Bonnet news also from Brave Radio

Graham Bonnet has recently recorded an album with the Japanese band 'Anthem' titled "Heavy Metal Anthem". In addition Bonnet plans to have a solo album out soon featuring Michael Schenker, Uli Roth, Bruce Kulick and Kevin Valentine, both as songwriters and guest players.

The 'hard to keep up with what they're doing' gang Cosmosquad, consisting of Jeff Kollman (guitar), Barry Sparks (bass), and Shane Gaalaas (drums), will record a new album this summer for a possible late-year release.

Someone pointed out this link to me the other day, which people who have been keeping up to date with UFO news for a while may find amusing. WARNING do not follow link if you get easily offended by bad language. WARNING the news IS NOT TRUE.. IT'S A JOKE! DISCLAIMER the views are those of the author of the page, not mine. Now I've got that sorted out here's the link!

24th May 2000

Some of you may have known that Aynsley Dunbar's son, Dash, had a rare form of cancer. News was passed on to me today that he died on 9th May. I would like to take this opportunity to pass on heartfelt condolances to Aynsley and his family on behalf of all the visitors to these pages. There is a very moving page dedicated to Dash at

According to the most recent MS Fan Club Newsletter (thanks Ed), the tracks for the forthcoming new UFO album, "The Covenant", are (in no particular order): "Love is forever", "Unraveled", "Miss the Lights", "Midnight Train", "Fools Gold", "The Middle of Madness", "Smell the Money", "Rise Again", "Serenade", "Cowboy Joe", "The World and his Dog".

22nd May 2000

Rest of the Keeling interview is now up at

According to Michael Schenkers hotline new UFO album, "The Covenant", has a worldwide release date of July 20. Hotline number is 602-280-9090 (USA) (thanks Tom)>

There is an interview with Michael in the latest Spanish edition of Metal Hammer (no. 150).

Looks like Waysted, "Wilderness Of Mirrors", is finally to see the light of day through Zoom (this is the 'Save Your Prayers' session CD). The CD contains rawer versions of 7 of the tracks, but not "Heaven Tonight", and three bonus tracks. Save Your Prayers is one of the most frequently asked for CDs in my mailbox.. so it's nice that there is now a version available. (thanks to SFK for info).

Japanese tour dates for the Michael Schenker Group: 5/23 - Diamond Hall, Nagoya; 24 - Heat Beat, Osaka; 25 - Bay Hall, Yokohama; 27 - 28 - Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo (from Detritus).

15th May 2000

No news recently because there hasn't been any!

Thanks Ralph for the link to where there is the first of a three part interview with Kelly Keeling.

There is a new discussion list for all things UFO/Schenker at, although I fear that this will just duplicate existing Schenker and UFO ones? (thanks Tom).

Eddie is selling a copy of the Too Hot To Handle DVD at I accept no responsibilty for anything to do with this.. but this seems to be the same as the video of the same name released 8/9 years ago plus some extras.. if so, it's worth getting hold of if the price is right!

25th April 2000

Please note that as of 22nd April my OLD telephone numbers starting +44 1203 will no longer work... please replace with +44 2476..

Force It, UFO tribute band here in the UK now have a web site at, including some sound files, check it out!

Two RUMOURS which have been circulating... for which I have no further information: RUMOUR one, new UFO album is to be called "Covenant" and will be on sale late July/August (even if this is true may only be a working title). RUMOUR two, there has already been mention of a summer tour, but the RUMOUR is that Michael will not be on it. If this is true then yes, it will be a shame, but the world will not end... guys in the newsgroups.. CALM DOWN!!!

Thanks Ben for this link to Dio tour dates page (

Finally, I have had a couple of emails informing me that The Edge, in Palo Alto, venue for a number of UFO/MSG gigs over recent years is closing down.. it seems to become a "Jazz super club". They will be missed I'm sure!

18th April 2000

Sorry Tim! I didn't realise that I have (probably) been spelling 'Detritus' wrong ever since it started! For those that have not heard of it before check out the webpage at

17th April 2000

Sorry for lack of updates... students have gone but conference season is upon me!

Most stuff has been covered by other sites though.... namely the entire back catalogue of MSG albums being released through Toshiba records in Japan (thanks Brave radio) including Perfect Timing and Save Yourself which I am constantly being asked the whereabouts of! Also included is the excellent Nightmare (acoustic MSG) if you don't have this I can reccommend it! May 17th (?) I think is the release date.

In latest Classic Rock magazine there is some news of the forthcoming UFO album (untitled as yet), but not much. Basically it's been recorded without any 'hiccups'... in addition, according to last weeks Detritus UFO will tour in the summer (including the US). I have mixed feelings about this as it's the tours where everything seems to go belly-up for the band... still, we shall see! In the same issue of Classic Rock AOTI is totally slated, but in Detritus it is praised. I WILL be getting a dedicated AOTI page up very shortly (work permitting) and will post copies of reviews there.

Castle has re-issed three UFO albums: the illusive, and underrated, High Stakes and Dangerous Men, Live in Tokyo and Live in Texas (79).

There keep appearing Kelly Keeling official pages (or the same page keeps moving... not sure.. Steve?) the current address seems to be

'Vaughn' featuring Danny Vaughn, play Glasgow Cathouse May 1, Dudley JBs May 2, London Camden Underworld May 3, Bradford Rio's May 5th, Nottingham Rock City May 6th and Bristol Bierkeller May 7th.

I'm sure I've forgotten something..... but I think that's it!

Oh! One more thing.. picked up latest Dio album (Magica) at the weekend. From the Simon Wright perspective a very good album.. Dio will be touring, but I don't have any dates on me yet...

For details of the last UFO album, Covenant, click HERE.

Details of the last MSG album, The Unforgiven can be found HERE.
The following link has been added because I was impressed enough by their service.. please keep me informed if this link does not provide you with a satisfactory result!

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