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Disclaimer: Although I have tried to keep the news presented here as up to date and accurate as possible using the most reliable sources available at the time, I claim no responsibility for the reliability of information!

10th March 2000

According to a 'source' at Prairie Sun UFO (Mogg, Way, Schenker, Dunbar) have pretty much finished recording the eleven songs that will be on the upcoming album. Apparently they wrote and recorded the material in about a 2 week timeframe (thanks for passing this on Wendi!). There are other items on the rumour mill which I want to wait until I have confirmation before posting, but the future is looking bright for us fans!

The new Schenker 'Adventures of the Imagination' has supposedly been released through SPV in Europe, but no sign of it yet... it has of course been definately released in Japan.

Jonas has set up a new 'UFO 4 EVER emailing-list', send an email to These things usually need you to put the text 'SUBSCRIBE' in the body of the email, but this may not be the case here?

Neal Ulens HardRock station is being packed up (packing up and going?!), which is a huge shame. This site has been a real breath of fresh air, and Neal should be congratulated for keeping it going. However, if you tune into the same address he will be running a UFO/MSG/Mogg/Way station thanks to, but it is now 56 kbit/s stereo which may cause problems for some people.

In case you haven't been popping over to Tristans or other sites, things I did not post due to being busy include the fact that you can download sound clips of the new Schenker album from the SPV homepage, April 2000 Vintage Guitar magazine will run an interview with Michael and dates have been released for a Japanese tour for MSG (line-up unchanged from previously) running May 23rd to May 27th. Thanks to everyone who sent me details on all these news items!

2nd March 2000

Sorry again about lack of updates.. snowed under with work... all stuff I have is already on Tristans 'Story of Michael Schenker' site.. please check there... I will put news here over weekend. (You're making my site redundant Tristan!)

Except.... watch out for new Dio album released later this month.. featuring Simon Wright on drums....

21st February 2000

Falling a little behind with news updates due to work commitments.. most of this has already appeared at various sites:

UFO news... it is looking very likely that UFO will be going into the studio in March to record a long-awaited follow-up to Walk On Water (yes... including Michael Schenker). Further details as and when I am happy that it's OK to put them in the public domain! Apparently Jeff Kollman is also working on a new solo album with Phil Mogg (unconfirmed).

We wait years for an electric instrumental from Schenker, and then two come along in a few months! I thought this was unlikely when I first heard it, but it does appear that Michael will be releasing a second instrumental, exclusively through MSR, later this year.

See R. B. Arakis site for news on Japanese MSG tour in May....

I have already been praising the latest album from Robin McAuley on this very page.. there is now an interview with him at At the same site there is also an interview with Keith Slack.

On Friday March 3rd Dirty Deeds (UFO support 98) will headline at London's Walthamstow Standard. For more details see website

9th February 2000

New Schenker album has now also been given a UK release date of March 6th and as previously will be released through SPV.

Mike at 'Misty Green and Blue' has sent these details of some new releases which are available through his mail order service 'Rock Classics'. There has been some confusion over the release of some these, but keeping with my policy of staying neutral, this is the current situation:

Mike says: "The following CD's are available NOW from Misty Green and Blue each priced at 9-99 inc P&P for UK. Overseas add 1 per disc. Cheques payable to ROCK CLASSICS (120B, Auckland Terrace, Shildon, Co. Durham. DL4 1AZ. ENGLAND).

WAYSTED: You Won't Get Out Alive - Live At St. Davids Hall, Cardiff 7/10/84 (You Won't Get Out Alive, Rock Steady, Love Loaded, Only You Can Rock Me, The Price You Pay, Toy With The Passion, Too Hot To Handle),

WAYSTED: Wilderness Of Mirrors - the Save Your Prayers sessions (Walls Fall Down, Fire Under The Wheels, Heroes Die Young, Singing To The Night, Out Of Control, Wild Night, Terror City, Black & Blue, Fortunate Son, So Long)

LONE STAR: Riding High - The Unreleased Third Album (Skytrain, The Writings On The Wall, One For The Money, Miss Demeaner, The Fool's Gold, Riding High, Can I Live The Night, Travelling Man, Painted Face, Longer In The Night)"

Mike also mentions that he has pre-ordered 50 copies of the new Schenker album too, they will be on sale for 11.99.

Finally, the Paul Raymond site will soon be dissapearing from the Web. Stefan suggests that if there is anything there that you want.. grab it now!

8th February 2000

Barry Sparks now has a web site at which has details of all his work to date, pictures, links and so on. Well worth a visit!

31st January 2000

Seems like a delay in the release of the new Michael Schenker, has release date as March 7th 2000 (Thanks Mark).

25th January 2000

There will be another UFO tribute day at HardRock Net,, this THURSDAY (27th) starting 12:00 am PST (8:00 am GMT)> As before IP for tuning is This site endorses these tribute days as a WONDERFUL idea.. long may they continue!

'Adventures of the Imagination' due to be released Febuary 15th through Shrapnel... more details can be found at Tims site.

19th January 2000

UFO 'Lights Out' makes it into 'Record Collector's ( 200 20th Century Essential Albums (in the 'Rock' category) alongside albums such as Sticky Fingers, Machine Head (the album not the group), Boston, Live and Dangerous, Slippery When Wet and Hysteria among others. They write of the album:
"This 1977 epic from Michael Schenker's outfit boasts and array of impressive songwriting craft and musicianship. 'Just Another Suicide' features Phil Mogg's enthralling vocals, wonderfully simpering strings and delicate axe-work, and 'Alone Again Or' faithfully follows that pattern. 'Electric Phase' cranks up the tight rhythm and perfectly matched vocal and guitar leads, while 'Love To Love' is both endearingly warm and a rousing all-join-in number. The standout cuts are the rocket-boosted title track and the equally statically-charged 'Too Hot To Handle'. Stratospheric, melodic hard rock."

Also in the magazine is a favourable review of 'The Unforgiven World Tour'. Gems include "..the German guitarist is simple adhering to his policy of pissing off the bootleggers...", "But at times the feeling is of a production too finely polished, and lacking the raw excitement of the likes of 'Rock Will Never Die' or even 'Werewolves' (sacrilege!). Even so, not a lot to grumble about - except for MS's absence from these shores." (referring to cancelled '99 dates).

The magazine also reviews Wild Horses two albums 'Wild Horses' and 'Stand Your Ground' which have been re-released (are about to be released?) through what is fast becoming a haven for us fans, Zoom Club Records.

Michael also appeared in the 100 Greatest Guitarists of the Millennium (i.e. 20th century!) in the UK magazine Guitar World... I have boycotted this information until now because while I mustn't let my bias complain about his lowly 47th (I think) position, the fact that he is put one place lower than Noel Gallaghar in guitar God status is still making me fume!

17th January 2000

It would appear that some of the visitors to these pages are offended by my using the term 'Jap' in news related items. I sincerely apologise for this, absolutely no offence was intended, and I shall refrain from using this term in the future.

I have been sent a scan of a recent advert for the new instrumental Michael Schenker, which can be found HERE (thanks Mark). No confirmed news on a release date yet.

More news on the Chrysalis re-issues in Japan from Wendi's UFOA2Z site: "Chrysalis is reissuing Phenomenon, Force It, No Heavy Petting, Lights Out (w/ "On With the Action" live), Obsession, No Place to Run, TWTWATI (w/ "Hot 'n'Ready" Live at Reading), Mechanix (w/ "Heel of a Stranger"), Making Contact (w/ "Everybody Knows") and Misdemeanor (w/ US remixes of "Heaven's Gate," "This Time" and "Night Run") - and Lost Horizons has them all for around $20 or so."

14th January 2000

I want to publically thank 'HardRock Net' for such a great day of UFO songs yesterday! On the 'news' page he promises future UFO tribute days.. I'll be sure to advertise these when they are due to occur....

According to Lost Horizons, the Japanese UFO remastered series has been delayed again until sometime in February... they do not have a release date yet....

Received a copy of the Robin McAuley CD 'Business As Usual' today (thanks for the info on this Dominic) from a great little shop in the UK. For those outside the UK it is available from as a Japanese import. This was released late last year and features Frankie Sullivan (Survivor) on guitar, and Curt Cuomo. If you liked Robins vocals on the McAuley Schenker albums then you should like this, it's in a very similar sort of vein, perhaps a little more bluesy in places (almost AC/DC in style). I may put up a few small sound samples if people want to listen to some of it before committing themselves to buying it.

Hans sent in this info on a vote for listeners 3 fave 'party' songs of all time from WLUP Radio in Chicago. UFO Lights Out came in at number 13, full list at

11th January 2000

Further to my news item on 'HardRock Net', the guy who runs it has emailed me to tell me that he will be doing another UFO day this Thursday, 13th January.. 10+ hours of UFO and some MSG thrown in. He tells me that the direct IP and port for tuning in is

Over Xmas got my grubby mits on the recently released 'Extended Strangers In The Night'... in my opinion well worth getting.. although the altered track listing knocks you off guard to begin with. Also finally got my copy of Jeff Kollmans latest instrumental 'Shedding Skin' (including among others Shane Gaalaas and Barry Sparks)... if you like Jeffs work on Chocolate Box I would thoroughly recommend you get hold of this.

10th January 2000

Happy Birthday to Herr Schenker, 45 today!

On 4th January (sorry.. I could not update this page in time) HardRock Net (online radio) had a UFO tribute day (apparently 9.5 hours worth!). I have not had a great deal of time to check out their daily output, but from what I have seen UFO/MSG are fairly well represented....

Most of the rest of news for today has been covered by other pages (no updates for ages and then suddenly I get pre-empted big time!): The long-awaited Michael Schenker (electric) instrumental seems imminent, news is that it will be released February under the title "Adventure Of The Imagination", with a new MSG album in March (thanks Tyson).

Don Airey has joined Ten, and will also appear on a forthcoming Millennium EP which among others includes a cover of MSG's "On and On".

Keep checking Steves 'Paul Chapman' site for news of the 'Save Your Prayers Sessions' and the live Waysted 'Won't Get Out Alive', released through Zoom this month.

(Old) Michael Schenker interview at Rock Radio (sorry, lost your name, but thanks to whoever sent in the link).

Check out soundbites for English UFO cover band 'Force It' at Stefans site.

22nd December 1999

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the regulars, occasional visitors and people who just happened to drop by the site looking for info on aliens! Without you this site would not be here!

It has been a good year for us all, with a studio and live MSG, a new UFO album in all but name, and a good quality live semi-official bootleg.. and things are looking good for next year with projects on the go for various permutations of MSG/UFO band members past and present.. I look forward to continuing to do my small part in keeping the name of UFO alive in the new Millennium!

Have a safe and happy festive period wherever you are and whatever significance the next couple of weeks is to you! Dave.

10th December 1999

Been snowed under with work, but now all the students have gone home I can hopefully get back on top of things... this means that if you have sent me an email in the past 6+ months and have not received a reply.. you will do soon.

Also, expect some disruption to the pages over the next few weeks.... the University is upgrading the filestore server here, and in addition I will be doing some maintainance on the pages.

28th November 1999

There were no real revelations in Phil Moggs interview on VH1s Friday Rock Show, but was still interesting.. I have done a transcription of it here. At the moment is just a text file... will html it at a later date!

23rd November 1999

Things fairly quiet on the UFO/MSG front.. I know of no more tour dates and no new news on the new UFO with Michael thing. Apparently Michaels new instrumental is imminent though..

Also, news on UFO re-issues in Japan courtesy of SFK (thanks Tom.. I'd actually missed it!):

People in Japan obviously want to be able to give UFO albums as Christmas presents as most of their back catalogue is being reissued. All have been remastered and the releases are due on December 8th. Some also include bonus tracks, they are: "Force it" (no bonus tracks), "Lights Out" (one bonus track), "Making Contact" (one bonus track), "Mechanix" (one bonus track), "Misdemeanour" (three bonus tracks), "No Heavy Petting" (no bonus tracks), "Obsession" (no bonus tracks), "Phenomenon" (no bonus tracks), "Strangers in the Night" (two bonus tracks), and "The Wild, Willing and the Innocent" (one bonus track).

For those outside Japan I guess Lost Horizons will stock them, or try

Just in (thanks Lee!)... apparently Phil Mogg will be a guest on the VH1 Friday Rock Show this week, 26th November!

10th November 1999

Slight confusion over the MSG dates... it would appear that the tour dates from the John Sykes pages are for Thin Lizzy who are doing a more extended tour than Michael.. tour dates for MSG have now appeared at the Music Sattelite pages and I have updated the Tour Dates Page here to reflect this. Sorry for any confusion caused.....

Dirty Deeds news (thanks Gyrok): Deeds will play a one-off headline gig at London's Camden Underworld on December 17th. Tickets 5 in advance or 6 on the door. The albums Real World and Danger of Infection are to both be released in the US on 22 February 2000. Initial press is excellent, increasing speculation that a US tour will follow. Full details on both the above items available on the Deeds Official Site,"

8th November 1999

More dates added to the Tour Dates Page, again courtesy of the John Sykes web page.

Lost Horizons is now ceasing to sell 'collectable live CDs', end of an era as they have said themselves. They will still continue to trade official releases and so will still be a valuable source of CDs...

25th October 1999

German dates for the MSG rescheduled tour now on the Tour Dates Page (courtesy of John Sykes web page).

20th October 1999

From the John Sykes web site, the MSG/Hughes European tour has been rescheduled with Thin Lizzy (Gorham, Sykes, Downey, Wharton, Mendoza) supporting. The only dates given so far are mainly for Germany and occasionally not all three acts will appear. I currently don't have the use of both hands so it is difficult for me to update the tour dates page.. please check the Sykes page for details! (no facetious comments please Hobs.....)

Moves appear to be afoot to have 'Werewolves of London' withdrawn from sale.. I am not going to get involved in the politics of this, but if anyone is thinking of buying a copy... do it quickly! This does not mean that I am endorsing, or condemning, the sale of this album...

14th October 1999

For those of you with my Oxford Uni email address ( this address will cease to exist in two weeks time... please use my other address!

Andy has some UFO/MSG/Waysted memorabilia for sale through his Mail Order service, the web page can be found at

FINALLY I have some information on UFO Guitar Tab... in the latest update list Lost Horizons have a UFO Tab book (Japanese). Stocks may be limited though.....

11th October 1999

Apparantly the MSG tour may now be rescheduled to start again in December with Thin Lizzy as support.. more news as I get it...

1st October 1999

Mogg/Way and the new live MSG album (Unforgiven Live) should both be released (UK) on 4th October.

Michael Pincher (UFO Appreciation/MGAB) is now officially trading CDs as 'Rock Classics'. Among current CDs on offer are the new Mogg/Way and MSG (see above), Strangers (USA import), Werewolves of London, On with the Action, Paul Chapman Anthology and Man on a Mission (PRP). Usual address, I will try to set up a page here soon with more details.

21st September 1999

(From Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, following the cancellation of the MSG tour in Europe, Shane Gaalaas and Barry Sparks have teamed up with Uli Jon Roth to record Ulis first guitar-orientated album since his Electric Sun days. Tracking due to begin late September, release possible early 2000. Also Barry has just released his first solo album, "Glimmer of Hope", an acoustic instrumental, on his Moonbeam label. Cosmosquad will be released in Japan on October 15th on Big M.F./Zain Records

Mogg/Way album should have been released, at least in the US, today.....

Robin McAuley is releasing an 11 track solo album called 'Business as Usual' in Japan (from Detritus Rock/Metal e-zine -

13th September 1999

Have checked with Zoom Club Records and the release of UFO, 'Werewolves of London', has been put back a week to 20th September.

Dirty Deeds, 'Real World' has been released today.

New issue of Classic Rock out now. No UFO/MSG etc. in it this month, but are as always some good articles. I have received the following email from the magazine regarding subscriptions:
"We are now offering a risk-free overseas subscription package of 12 issues, which saves 26% on the normal news stand cost. Besides three trial issues, you WILL also get the FREE COVER DISC. The prices via Airmail are:
Europe - 38.99
Rest Of World - 48.99
There's a credit card hotline which accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Switch and Access, and it's: 01454 620070. You can also write to: Classic Rock Subscriptions, Freepost WD7, Bradley Pavilions, Bradley Stoke North, Bristol BS32 OPP, England. (No stamp required)."

I am not on commission... I just think it's a good magazine!

10th September 1999

It appears that the MSG tour in Europe may have been cancelled, there is a note to this effect at the Glenn Hughes web page, in particular they stress that it is due to economic reasons, not any band members.... don't know what they could mean! I hope to confirm (or otherwise) this news within the next few days.

The new release date for Mogg/Way "Chocolate Box" has been confirmed as September 21st. UFO live at Wolverhampton, "Werewolves of London" official release is coming up.. 13th September, although it appears it has been available for a few weeks (?). The new live MSG double CD "Unforgiven Live" is due to be released October 5th through Shrapnel (US) and SPV (Europe).

If you were getting confused about the different projects Shane, Jeff, Barry etc. were involved in, here's the next installment:

"Guitarist Jeff Kollman from the groups "Edwin Dare", "Cosmosquad" and UFO /MoggWay has a new instrumental release entitled "Shedding Skin" available now!!!.
This all instrumental record is a followup to his previous releases "Schizoid" and Into The Unknown".
The disc is described as powerful, hard edged, dark, moody compositions with a variety of song-writing styles and plenty of chops for the players out there. Drummer Shane Gaalaas is featured quite extensively showcasing some of his most tasteful and vicious drumwork to date.
The players include bassists Kevin Chown (Original Moon , Artension, Edwin Dare), Ray Riendeau (Gary Hoey, Rob Halford, Machines of Loving Grace) Barry Sparks (MSG, Yngwie Malmsteen , Cosmosquad) Shane Gaalaas on drums (Vinnie Moore, Uli Jon Roth ,MSG) and keyboardists Roger Burn (Brian Setzer, L.A. session cat) and Dale Grisa (Original Moon, Cosmosquad).
You can order the disc at PO Box 33992 Granada Hills,Cal. 91394 . $12.99 + 3$ S&H. Make checks or money orders payable to Pugworks music.
Also available by Oct. 1st for Guitarists out there, The Music minus guitar disc for Shedding Skin. $10 add $3 for Shipping & Handling. (This disc would contain the bass and drums with very little guitar, used as a great jamming tool for guitarists.) For more information on Jeff Kollman/ Cosmosquad/ or Edwin Dare, you can visit our web site at HTTP://"

I keep forgetting to mention this, but the recent Iron Maiden tribute album, 666 The Number One Beast, is now out and contains Gary Barden on vocals for some of the songs, including 'The Trooper'.

Finally, the new Dirty Deeds album "Real World" is released September 13th. Dirty Deeds were the support band for the last UFO tour in the UK.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT..... some of the recent news..

There has recently been a re-issue of Strangers In The Night, featuring a re-mastered recording. The tracks have been put in a different order to better reflect the original set lists of the time, there are two 'bonus tracks' (Hot N Ready, Cherry), and more in-between song chat from Phil has been added.

Paul Chapman web site has moved to, where there is a 15 track CD for sale featuring Pauls favourite songs from his career.. includes four never released songs. Limited edition run of 1000 CDs apparently

There has supposedly been an agreement, in principal, for Schenker to go back in the studio early next year to record a new UFO album with Mogg, Way and I guess Wright and Raymond... more news as I get it, but I'm being cautious....

If you still need to catch up on the past few months then check out the Archives!

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