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Disclaimer: Although I have tried to keep the news presented here as up to date and accurate as possible using the most reliable sources available at the time, I claim no responsibility for the reliability of information!

1st March 1999

The Unforgiven is now on sale in the UK! As suspected, 'Carry On' is the same song as 'The Storm' on the different Promos and is called the latter on the CDs. Other minor changes have also been made.

Further to the announcement about this TV program in the UK I have just surfed over to the Channel 4 Web site ( and their description of the 'Top Ten' series can be found duplicated at this site. Basically this weeks is the 'Heavy Metal' one, hosted by Lemmy and sounds like it could be interesting. Each show showcases a one of six music genres... some of the presenters will take a bit of getting used to though I think....

Stefan now has ordering details of Man On A Mission at his site.

8th March 1999

The UFO segment of the Heavy Metal Top Ten on Friday was interesting, even if short! I will (when work dictates) eventually add a transcription to these pages please be patient!

There is now an official MSR web page at Among the pages is a warning that 'Most news on the web about Michael Schenker are false'.... I would like to assure everyone that I usually go to great pains to check on the validity of news coming on which I then try to present in as neutral a manner as I can. Anything I am not sure about will have an 'apparantly' or 'there are rumours that' added to it, and anything which I later discover to be false will be rectified.

In this vein, I still haven't heard anything substantial for or against this UFO tribute and so assume it's not going to happen!

First MSG tour date (with Vinnie Moore) will be on May 5th at the Edge in Palo Alto, California.

16th March 1999

Some more MSG Tour Dates have been added to the Tour Dates page.

The UFO chat room has moved to

19th March 1999

There appear to have been major network problems the past couple of days, sorry if these pages were inaccessible!

I have had Man On A Mission for a couple of days now (thanks Stefan) and will put up a review soon. As a quick guide though, apart from a couple of songs the album is certainly more heavy than the last one, and the guitarist (Andy Simmons) is very Schenker-esque in his style (sorry Paul, but I _do_ mean this as a compliment!). Probably doesn't help that his set up is similar (definately a Flying V through a Cry Baby, but I suspect Marshall amps too... where's my anorak and flask gone?). Moggy guests on two songs (Lights Out and She's On A Roll) the former of which is most definately not just a straight cover! After Stefans constant bombardment over the past few months some of you may be sick of the album already, but it is certainly worth getting hold of.....

There are some more MSG tour dates added, and don't forget that Tim has an up to date list too. The latest on the tour is that it appears there will be a changed line-up due to prior committments of some band members. I will be more specific once I have all the details!

Finally, thanks for this Steve, there is yet another UFO compilation 'Doctor Doctor' (German import), it basically consists of 'High Stakes' and some live tracks which I suspect most of us already have.

24th March 1999

There is news on the new Dirty Deeds album at the official web site.

Michael Schenker Records are now offering another video 'the making of the Unforgiven part II', which I'm assuming will feature more of the songs than part I. Usual address.

25th March 1999

Old news items have been moved to The Archives.

Kelly Keeling will not be doing the US tour so he can concentrate on his solo project, although he may turn up to a few of the dates and sing a couple of songs. This does not affect Shane who is also involved in this project, but Barry Sparks rejoins the band for the tour. The US leg looks set to last until June, with the final dates at Springfield, VA. More Tour Dates have been added.

I'm trying to get up to date, so some of this may be news I've accidently sat on for a while!

There is a new CD, "UFO BBC Archives a collection of their BBC recordings" being offered through Spinnin' Disc ( which has been advertised in 'Goldmine' magazine. I have heard a few references to this (thanks Marc), but at present don't know any details of what's on it. I was contacted a while back by someone at EMI who had been offered a load of material from the BBC, but nothing seems to have come of it.. it may be the same source for this CD in which case it will be from BBC Sessions 1974 and 1978, BBC In Concert 1974, 1975 and 1980. More news as I get it.

Other news I sat on until Steve nudged me into action, is that Waysted Save Your Prayers IS avaliable on CD from a company in New Zealand. From what I can gather New Zealand have some rather unusual copyright laws that mean that copyright on CDs expires after something like 15 years, making this a kind of legal bootleg I guess? Lost Horizons should be able to get hold of this CD, but there are rumours that it may be released through Zoom sometime.

6th April 1999

The site has been down for a few days because of server problems (an operating system upgrade coinciding with Easter). Things should be back to normal now, although I cannot read email properly so please be patien Guitarist', and Michael lies in 5th place (I will add the full list later today). The MSG track 'Live For Today' appears on the free CD with the magazine and there is a major article on the life and times of Cozy Powell. In next months issue there is to be an interview with Michael, which I assume was carried out when he was in the UK promoting TU a few weeks back.

The new issue of Classic Rock (UK magazine) has the results of the 'Best Gui

7th April 1999

I am still having trouble with my email, for those that know my other work address please use that, otherwise can you please not send any emails for a few days! I was hoping to clear my incoming box this week, but it's just filling up (current count 94 messages)! Thanks!

As promised the full top ten guitarists from Classic Rock reads as follows: Page, Blackmore, Hendrix, Gilmour, SCHENKER, Van Halen, Moore, May, Young (Angus), Schon.

15th April 199

Nearly back to normal!

Check out Steves UFO - The Paul Chapman Years Web site which is growing by the day!

Man On A Mission is now on sale on the Web at CD Now and

Vocalist for the MSG tour is a guy called Keith Slack, vocalist for Steelhouse Lane (courtesy of Tims page!).

STILL no news on the Mogg/Way thing.... I will try and chase up some information.

26th April 1999

Just come back from a holiday in Boston, so have a lot of news to catch up with. First off from various emails some news which has already appeared on my "rivals" sites:

Kelly Keeling will definately be appearing at some of the US shows alongside Slack (I have also recently discovered that John West was originally set up to replace Kelly.... the MSG connection being that 1998s 'Permanent Mark' also features Jeff Kollman, Barry Sparks and Shane Gaalaas). Wayne Finley completes the line-up on keyboards. Apparantly Sparks, Gaalaas and Finley will also be backing up Vinnie Moore the support act for the tour! No news of why Sneef has dropped out of the tour....

The full email is reproduced at Tristans Story Of Michael Schenker site, but Pete Way will be participating in a benefit show at the Penney Road Club, Barrington, IL on 15th May. Entry is 15.00, for more information phone the club on 847 428 0562. Event being held by 105.9 wckg show 'Rock of the 80s'.. a show which Paul Raymond will be on on May 21st at 11:30 Chicago time.

Roland Grapows 'Kaleidoscope' is out this week in Europe according to Brave Radio. Never heard of the guy, but I mention it because the CD features a guest appearance by Barry Sparks.

From Wendis site: Paul Chapman would like fans to e-mail him c/o Chris Martin at so he can put together a list and keep us informed of his current projects.

While in the US I managed to pick up the last John Norum album 'Worlds Away', and if you like Keelings vocals on The Unforgiven I can reccommend this album. Bizaarly I also found a copy of the UFO 'Time To Rock' 2 CD set which was released in Germany a while back. This is the 'best of singles As and Bs' which contains 40 tracks including some of the harder to get hold of songs such as Give Her The Gun. The album was in an out of town cheap CD store, so I don't know if it was an import or has now been released in the US.. anybody?

Finally, I have literally just picked up a copy of the new UFO 'In Session and Live in Concert' CD, sanctioned by the BBC and put out through EMI. The album contains In Session with Bob Harris 28/10/74 (Rock Bottom, Time On My Hands, Give Her The Gun), In Session with John Peel 27/6/77 (Too Hot, Lights Out, Try Me), Live at the Hippodrome 6/6/74 (Oh My, Built for Comfort, Space Child, Doctor) and Live at the Paris Theatre 11/12/75 (Let it Roll, Mother Mary, Out in the Street, Shoot Shoot).

27th April 1999

Thanks Francisco for letting me know that Grapow is Helloweens guitar player... should have known that!

After first listen to the BBC release last night, sound quality is pretty good, although for the Hippodrome recordings the sound quality is better on the 'High Flyer' bootleg (and you get Rock Bottom which has been cut on the BBC).

Also listened to the 'Time To Rock' CDs this morning.... is it my imagination or does that Rock Bottom solo get better with age?

5th May 1999

MSG tour is underway, and from reports coming in they are going well (apart from a few hitches which I guess we have come to expect!). Set list is along the lines of:

Armed and Ready, Natural Thing, Only You Can Rock Me, Assault Attack, Pushed To The Limit, Written In The Sand, Captain Nemo, Into The Arena, Essence, Pilot Of Your Soul, The Mess I've Made, Fat City N.O., Attack Of The Mad Axeman, Too Hot To Handle, On And On, Another Piece Of Meat, Love To Love, Lights Out, Bijou Pleasurette, Positive Forward, Doctor Doctor, Rock Bottom (Thanks Charlie!)

This however is the FULL set which may not always happen! My personal opinion is that Michael has again set himself another punishing tour schedule, so expect a few hiccups along the way!
Tristan has several show reviews at his site there is not a 1999 tour page here yet, but once I get some more reviews/photos I will set one up.

Steve has added some more rare Paul Chapman pictures to his site at

Late addition: Apparantly the New York gig on June 2nd is NOT at Irving Plaza, but at a venue called 'Tramps' (thanks Lori).

10th May 1999

Michael will be doing an in-store appearance at Rolling Stone Records, Norridge, IL on May 25th.

Christian has found this information in a German concert magazine: "MSG will tour Germany with Glenn Hughes (!) in September this year. Some of the venues are the same where U.F.O. played in early '98. For example the 'Colos Saal' in Aschaffenburg." More news on other European countries, if any, as I get it.

Thanks for the emails about the current concerts, one thing worth mentioning here is that one of the nights at the Edge was apparently recorded (I assume for another 'Fan Club' production).

11th May 1999

Further to the news of a Benefit Concert from the item of 26th April above, I have been informed that Pete Way will be at Impulse Record Store in Roselle, IL this Friday (14th May) from 7pm onwards to sign autographs (check out ). If you go, ask him about Waysted Save Your Prayers on CD, God knows enough people ask me!

14th May 1999

The new Paul Raymond Project, Man On A Mission, is due out mid June on Pinnacle.

17th May 1999

I have had feedback from a couple of people on Pete Ways in-store appearance at Impulse records the other day. The most interesting things to come out of this is that apparently George Bellas is signed up to do two future Mogg/Way albums and that they were doing something with Schenker "very soon"..... remember you heard it here first!

I was also sent the URL for Harder Beat On Line where there is a Schenker interview which is worth having a look at.

Finally, in this weeks BraveRadio ( there is a piece on Glenn Hughes which mentions that he kicks of a European tour to promote his latest solo album supporting MSG on 16th September in Cologne, Germany.

Everyone else is pointing this out too, but it IS a good page... check out Bryan's concert review.

18th May 1999

A big thanks to everyone who has sent feedback on Pete's recent appearances. For those who were wondering Frank has sent this 'set list': "Jesus just left Chicago", "Too hot to handle", "Love to Love", "Bonie Maronie" (Pete on vocals for all songs) and "Doctor Doctor" with guest Dave Ulrich on Guitar.

Apparently Pete was also confident of a June release for the new Mogg/Way and a tour later this year.

As soon as I get any public confirmation, or otherwise, of a new UFO project it will be added here!

24th June 1999

As from July 1st I am working back at Warwick Uni. For those of you with my Oxford email address it will remain active until October 1st but will then vanish (this is the main reason for lack of updates recently).

Paul Raymond Project - Man On A Mission released on 28th June through Pinnacle.

There are several reports from the MSG tour around the Internet, either see Tristans site or I will be revamping the Links Page next week to include all the links I have.

I had a request from Mike at the 'UFO Appreciation Soceity' about gaining support for the release of UFO appearances for King Biscuit Flower Hour in the early eighties on CD. Apparantly this IS now going to be released so I don't need to elaborate... if not I will post details.

Andy Simmons (PRP) will soon have his own web site up and running with music, artwork etc. planned.

Apparantly the news that's been floating around about Bellas being signed up for two more Mogg/Way albums is false.

Steves 'Paul Chapman' page at is looking better by the week... check out his 'Ask Paul' section.

Track listing of the new Mogg/Way which is as good as finished has been touted by HardRadio as being 'Muddy's Gold', 'Jerusalem', 'Too Close to the Sun', 'King of the City', 'Living and Dying', 'This is a Life', 'Death in the Family', 'Whip that Groove', 'Last Man in Space', 'Sparkling Wine''. The bonus track for Japan is 'Somebody Somewhere'. I keep meaning to verify this.....

Also from HardRadio, Jeff Kollman will release his third instrumental solo album, Shedding Skin, on July 10. Also appearing are Shane Gaalaas, Barry Sparks, bassists Kevin Chown and Ray Riendeau, keyboardist Roger Burn and Dale Grisa on piano.

Latest issue of Classic Rock has a five page article on Michael Schenker, continuing their 'The Mavericks' series. It's an interesting read. Also in this issue is a review of MOAM (3 out of 5).

Dates for MSG tour in Germany are up ate Tims and Tristans site... my tour dates page will be updated soon.

I've probably forgotten something, but hopefully I've caught up (and Bill has got his fix!), but to finish, although I don't usually plug non-UFO-related stuff, nice to see the Leps back to doing what they do best on Euphoria!

28th June 1999

Paul Raymond Project, 'Man On A Mission' should have been released today!

Graham Bonnet has a new CD out in Japan called 'The Day I Went Mad' (info from HardRadio). I'm sure there's a Bonnet web site around now... sorry if the maintainer is reading this but I've forgotten the URL!

July 1999 Record Collector is out now and has a MS interview (Sounds like we should thank Tristan for his persistance with this!)

29th June 1999

The Bonnet site is at (Thanks Jon).

I've been hearing talk of this, but Chris from Eyes of Rock has confirmed that Strangers In The Night (remastered with 'bonus tracks') is being re-released in the US on August 8th.

According to Wendis page Mogg/Way album is due for release 24th August.

9th July 1999

I have been told that the release of Strangers (remastered) is actually the 10th August. In related news Alta Mira ( are advertising pre-orders of a new UFO CD, Werewolves Of London CDLP(2). This is a 30th Anniversary release of 15 live tracks recorded during the 1998 European Tour (details of which are at this site somewhere...). The CD 'also features an 8 page booklet with sleeve notes by Paul Raymond.'

Also, please note that the Fyre Showcase pages have moved (the links page will be updated soon) and so relevent pages to this site are the Cosmosquad (, Jeff Kollman (....../jkollman), Shane Gaalaas (...../shanegaalaas) and Edwin Dare (...../edwindare).

19th July 1999

There is a new Michael Schenker interview at Hard Radio (

New live UFO album (see above) out in September... Stefan has a copy of the cover artwork at his site.

23rd July 1999

The latest flyer from Michael Schenker Records advertises the new video 'Michael Schenker Live In Las Vegas featuring Keith Slack and Kelly Keeling on vocals'. The video retails for $25, and is bootleg quality. The address for MSR has changed slightly too... new address is MSR, PMB 359, 13610 N. Scottsdale Road #10, Scottsdale, AZ 85254-4053, USA.

29th July 1999

This weeks editions of both HardRadio and SFK mention some UFO news which some of us find a little dubious... Hobs is attempting to verify the details, so watch this space!

More tour dates added to the Tour Dates page, including October gigs in the UK and Spain.

Werewolves in London was aparrently not due out until mid September, but I have had emails from both the US and Europe that people have picked up copies already......

3rd August 1999

Paul Gray has informed me that the website for his new group, Mischief, is up and running at ''.

I have been asked to put the following message up from Mike at the UFO Appreciation Soceity:

"Werewolves of London, the latest UFO live album from the 1998 UK tour, is available NOW through Misty Green and Blue at the UFO Appreciation Society. Price is Stlg. 11-50 for the UK, which includes p&p for the UK only. Overseas customers please add Stlg. 1-00 towards postage. Write to the usual address with a cheque or postal order payable to M. Pincher. None-UK orders must be paid for with an International Money Order payable in STERLING only, and payable to M. Pincher. Any doubts, write or e-mail me first.

Mischief Also, the Appreciation Society will be sending out a newsletter in the next couple of weeks. Any none-members wanting a copy, send an SAE or for overseas an International Reply Coupon (available at your local post office) and we'll send one your way. Thanks...Mike."

5th August 1999

This was meant to be a MGAB exclusive, but since Hobs has released the information I guess it has become public property (sorry Pinch!). New Mogg/Way album 'Chocolate Box' will be released end of August through Shrapnel. Check out Stefans Mogg/Way page for preview of the cover and some sounds (don't know what sounds as I'm not on a PC that can play them).

16th August 1999

Mogg/Way album out in a weeks time (August 24th). I have heard some of it, and can tell you that it is worth waiting for!

Michael made an apearance last night at the Phoenix Scorpions/Crue concert. He came on during 'The Zoo', and according to Will looked good and played an awesome solo.

Mike Pincher at the UFO Appreciation Soceity (MGAB) has sent out a flyer in advance of the next issue of Misty Green and Blue. This has been useful for me to make sure I haven't forgotten to put news on this page! In this case there were rumours that I did not want to broadcast, but now appear to be public knowledge, that Michael Schenker and Phil Mogg have agreed in principle to record a new album as UFO.... watch this space!

The Paul Chapman web site has moved to Also Paul has put together a CD featuring 15 songs from his career. I understand that this is a limited run of 1000 copies. Details on ordering can be found at the site, or UK residents may find it easier to order through MGAB.

The 'new' Strangers has been released. The bonus tracks are Hot-n-ready recorded 15/10/78 Youngston Ohio and Cherry, recorded 16/10/78 Cleveland.

17th August 1999

UK MSG dates that have been advertised on the Web are wrong.. correct dates are (all October) London Astoria 10th, Wolverhampton Civic Hall 12th, Manchester 13th and Glasgow 14th. There will not be a Newport gig.

Are two new dates added to the Tour Dates Page for Holland (thanks Ewald) on September 14th (Tilburg) and 19th (Hardenberg).

25th August 1999

The release date for Mogg/Way, Chocolate Box, has been put back to 21st September...

I thought I had already posted this, but it seems I didn't.. the recent re-release of Strangers, as well as the two bonus tracks, has a different track order to better represent the running order of the concerts at that time and it also contains a lot more inter-song dialogue from Phil. I haven't got my copy yet, but comments people have sent me are favourable.

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