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Disclaimer: Although I have tried to keep the news presented here as up to date and accurate as possible using the most reliable sources available at the time, I claim no responsibility for the reliability of information!

1st May 1998

To clarify the situation on the G3 tour, from Alan Walsh last night, "after a conversation with a source close to Michael Schenker it has been confirmed by Michael himself that his finger is not broken and he will be doing the G3 tour". Don't email me for more information, because I won't give any more out! Besides, I'm still trying to clear the backlog after the Edge gigs!!

8th May 1998

Update on the G3 tour... as far as I am aware nothing has changed since the last update! Since the set list has already started to be leaked, might as well let you know that of the set Gary (Barden) will be singing on 'Lost Horizons', 'On and On', 'Attack of the Mad Axeman', 'Armed and Ready' and 'Tales of Mystery'. No news on the rest of the set.... it'll just have to be a surprise!

News on the grapevine is that Phil and Pete are gearing up for a follow-up to 'Edge of the World' with George Bellas, and last I heard Paul has plenty of 'PRP' stuff in the pipeline, so for now at least we have loads to look forward to. I'm not writing of another UFO album in the future yet either... just call it gut feeling!

A quick note to anyone planning to go to the G3 concerts in the UK, I will be going to all the concerts from Manchester to Cardiff, if you see me there come and say hi!

14th May 1998

Been told that the news item that Pete and Phil are back in the studio with Bellas may be duff news.... Stefan 'Kirk' Kadar also claims that there is a 'light at the end of the tunnel'...... watch this space!

G3 tour hits off tonight in Dublin, news of how it goes as soon as I hear! Apparently another date has been added in Madrid on 16th June, with Roth being replaced by Salvador Dominguez (ex-Tarzen).

Finally, have been asked to mention that there is a poll in the June issue of Guitar World (Jimmy Page on the cover) for your 5 favourite guitar solos of all time. It has been suggested that everyone who wants to vote for a Micky Schenker solo should plump for 'Rock Bottom': if we all vote for the same song it has more chance of getting a good result than if we vote for a whole load of different ones. Would be nice if we could knock 'Eruption' off the (probably)top spot...!

18th May 1998

G3 NEWS: Wow! G3 tour is off and running, been to 2 so far and they are a MUST to go and see. I'm waiting until the end of the UK stretch to write a review of 5 dates, but briefly the set list is (subject to revision... academics don't have the most reliable memories): In Search Of..., Assault Attack, Into the Arena, Another Piece..., Let It Roll, Captain Nemo, Written In...., Essence, Lost Horizons, Mad Axeman, Bijou Pleasurette, Positive Forward, Armed + Ready.

Gary sings on Horizons and Axeman and duets with David on Armed. Positive and Bijou are done as an acoustic set but with Michael still on the V. Schenks has so far been outstanding, forget the bad nights he had on the UFO tour, at the moment he is smoking! The rest of the band (David Van Landing, Jeff Kollman, Shane Gaalaas and Seth Bernstien) are a sickenly talented and down-to-Earth bunch of guys. Special mention of David, I've had comments sent to me about his performance on Story, both good, bad and average.... if you've got doubts about whether he should be fronting MSG, catch him live.

Quick mention of the rest of the show. Uli is superb, especially his rendition of Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons', and is a true perfectionist.. he keeps extending his sound-check to get in extra rehearsal time. Satch is Satch, although personally there comes a point when there's only so much you can do with an instrumental (?!!). He does pull off some incredibly spectacular moves.... but I'd rather be sitting back in a comfy armchair or driving my car while listening to him, I don't think you can really appreciate what he's doing in a hot, sweaty concert hall while standing up.

The gig finishes with a jam with all 3 guitarists (and the past couple of nights Keith More too)... Thrill is Gone and Voodoo Child. It's worth the wait!

Well, gone on for longer than I was planning, but I'm having a great week, so I don't care!

20th May 1998

G3 UPDATE: Tour still going strong, the whole band still on top form! Last nights gig had a guest appearance from Brian May for the jam at the end of the show... Schenker, Satriani, Roth and May.... was pretty amazing!

Ex-MSG spottings backstage so far include Andy Nye last night, and Rocky Newton on Sunday.

Also, according to Stefan, Paul Raymond has a phobia involving jellied eels, cotton wool and an obscure gardening implement... but this shouldn't affect any future recordings with whoever he has/is/will be recording with.... oh, and there does indeed seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.... watch this space! As soon as I can post details I will!

20th May 1998: ADDENDUM

If some the last news item seems a little bizarre then please ignore it! I'm not getting enough sleep this week.

22nd May 1998

G3 UPDATE: Last UK gig at Cardiff happened last night, and was one of the best yet! Was also confirmed that Gary Barden IS to continue with the tour into continental Europe.... which is great news... perhaps this bodes well for later projects?

Uli Jon Roth now takes a short break from the tour while Patrick Rondat takes over for the French stint (apparently due to some politics going on behind the scenes) - the French are going to miss out on a great set!

In related news, I have been told that the Madrid gig has been cancelled ... am awaiting official confirmation.

6 days, 5 shows, and over 1000 miles later, I can finally catch up on some sleep! Would like to say a public thankyou to Michael, Gary, David, Shane, Seth and Jeff for the great shows, the warm hospitality and the free drinks! Cheers!

26th May 1998

Dirty Deeds take a day off the Maiden tour to headline a one-off gig on Thursday June 11th at the Heaven and Hell Club, at The Backpackers in Kings Cross, London.

The two G3 dates at Rome and Milan (June 12th and 13th) marked 'festival' are in fact MSG gigs at the Monsters Of Rock. At least one of which has them playing alongside Van Halen, Deep Purple and Dream Theatre (think I'm right there.... if anyone in Italy can confirm any more details?).

Simon Wright has stepped in to replace Dio's drummer after he left 2 days into the tour to join Sabbath..... the arrangement shouldn't jeopardise any involvement with UFO or related projects (should they happen). On a more serious note Simon had a flight case with two of his floor Toms (brand new, never been used) in stolen while in Bakersfield. These were in a unique colour that can only be matched by sending them back to the factory. They were DW floor toms the sizes are 13 X 15 and 14 X 18 the color is called Burnt Toast. If anyone can help PLEASE get in contact, anonymity will be respected.

4th June 1998

Apparently the Dirty Deeds gig has now been cancelled - "this is because the council has had complaints about noise from local residents, so all bands have been cancelled." (news from broadcast on XFM 104.9 on Sunday 31st May).

5th June 1998

July '98 edition of the US magazine 'Guitar World' has an interview with Michael Schenker and Uli Roth. Copies haven't filtered through to the UK yet but is would appear that the interview was definitely conducted before recent events in Japan involving Michael leaving UFO again.

If anyone has any details of the Italian Monsters of Rock shows could they please send at least the times/order of the artists to me.. thanks!

8th June 1998

Concert last Saturday (Le Mans) saw MSG come back for an encore of 'On and On'! This was a song that had originally been rehearsed for the tour but which until now has not been used.

Apparently Monsters of Rock show in Milan has been moved to an indoor venue near Turin, more news as I get it (thanks Fabio!).

10th June 1998

Apparently it was announced yesterday for the first time, on radio in sunny California (thanks Tom), that the remaining members of UFO will continue on as "UFO Sightings" without Michael Schenker (hiring a replacement guitarist). The carrying on bit fits with what I have heard from other sources, but my feeling is that "UFO Sightings" is probably a 'working name' rather than the name that they will continue to use....

19th June 1998

For those of you who keep asking where they can get videos of UFO, Songsearch,, claim to have copies of the long deleted 'Too Hot To Handle Video' in stock......

G3 tour is now over! According to Gary, via Alan, contrary to previous reports On and On has NOT been played during a gig. More little tour items: at the Rome gig the stage was open-air on a flight of stairs (!), and rain seems to have put off a lot of people from turning up (Alan estimated a turn out of only 600). Also, at the final gig in Zurich, Michaels acoustic finally saw the light of day for Bijou!

As suspected, "UFO Sightings" is indeed a naff name and is not to be the new band moniker.

3rd July 1998

Discovered a copy of 'Thank You' in my local record store today... appears it has been released in Europe through the German company "Event Records".

13th July 1998

Further to last news item, both Written in the Sand and Story of Michael Schenker have also been released officially in Europe also (in the UK through Cargo Records).

Further tour dates for Dirty Deeds (supporting Maiden) can now be found at their web site including a full set of UK dates.

Stardate 16th July 1998

Stefan has finally coughed up the info we all wanted... confirming what we all suspected anyway, that John Norum is to join "UFO" for a tour in the US, with the band going under the working name of 'Lightsout'. It also seems that post-Schenker titles will be performed....... before you ask NO, I DON'T KNOW ANY DATES YET... I WILL SAY HERE AS SOON AS I DO, SO PLEASE DON'T EMAIL ME!

17th July 1998

Further to yesterdays news I have been asked by Stefan to point out that the green alien things on his site are NOT targeted at anyone, but are there purely for decoration....

24th July 1998

The recently reported tour later this year seems now to have fallen through, a statement from Paul at Stefans site:

"The US tour reported in this website recently will not take place in the fall. The reason at this point is not clear. Both Mogg and Way and Raymond have their eyes on new solo records, which though always interesting, is not like the real thing. Sad to say."

29th July 1998

Latest issue of 'Guitar' magazine contains a one-page history/interview with Michael Schenker (conducted at Wembley Arena on the recent G3 tour). The only real substance of the piece is contained in the excerpt at Tristans site, although in addition there is apparently a rumour that Gibson are thinking of producing a Michael Schenker signature guitar!

10th August 1998

Just back from a holiday so still trying to catch-up, but thought it was better to put sketchy news items up than to wait until I had more time!

It appears that the site where my pages are stored is being unreliable at the moment, if you're having trouble connecting just try again later.

George Bellas is touring Chicago, IL. as the George Bellas Group; the new John West album feats ex-MSG guys Shane Gaalaas and Barry Sparks along with Jeff Kollman on guitar (don't know if how this fits in with these guys and MSG yet) thanks Tom for these items.

New live MSG album is now available, recorded in Japan and running to a wopping two-and-a-half hours. More details when I have some time to add them!

I have no definite news on the current state of Mogg and co.

It also appears that the Michael Schenker Fan Club is being revived, details soon.

19th August 1998

Update on George Bellas tour: band consists of George Bellas (Guitar), Mike McCarron (Drums), Jeff Kylloe (Bass) and DJ. Nelson (Ryth & Harmony Guitar). First official show is August 28th at Synergy ll in West Chicago.

New John West album (see above) is called 'Permanent Mark' and is released through Shrapnel... SFK gave it 80%!

New MSG video should be available through the Fan Club at the usual address, as far as I know it'll cost $30. UK orders can be made through Tyson Schenker, again cost $30 US, as an International Money Order. Please email Tyson at to pre-order so that he has an idea of numbers.

MS Fan Club IS apparently back up and running, two newsletters a year, usual address.

20th August 1998

Please note that I have changed yesterdays item about the new video.... Tyson is only dealing with UK orders not European as previously stated. Sorry, was my mistake!

25th August 1998

Apparently the new MSG video is too long to fit on one tape and so is now on two, hence an increases in the price to $35.

Heard the demo of 'Face Of An Alien' (Paul Raymond Project) over the phone the other night (check out Stefans page for a downloadable version) and it's good! This looks likely to be the next offering from one of the UFOies and I don't think we'll be disappointed.

26th August 1998

Update on Cozy Powell, from todays 'Guardian':
"The girlfriend of a 1970s rock star told a Bristol inquest how she was talking to him on his mobile phone at the moment his car crashed on a motorway at 104mph.
Cozy Powell, aged 50, formally a drummer with Black Sabbath, had just told Sharon Reeve that he hoped the engine would not seize up as he was going so fast, she said in a statement. Then he said "Oh, shit" and went silent.
A police officer told the court Mr Powell's black turbo Saab 9000 had a rear tyre puncture just before he crashed on April 5th on the M4 near Bristol. He was slightly over the drink-drive limit and was not wearing a seatbelt. He was dead on arrival at hospital. Verdict: accidental death."

28th August 1998

Wondered what Paul Chapman was up to nowadays? Check out the Resident Rock Star Bio at (thanks Steve!).

The video for "When I'm Gone" is being shown on VH-1 tonight (thanks Ian!).

21st September 1998

Sorry for lack of updates but I've been busy, and not much has happened really anyway!

As already mentioned, the Schenker Fan Club has been resuscitated, and from the two flyers I have already been sent are making an effort to reach fans. From these notices, the MSG 'Story' video can be ordered for $35 (overseas add $5 extra) and membership of the Fan Club comes in at $25.. both at the usual address (13610 N. Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale AZ, 85254, USA). I know that a lot of fans felt let down over the running of the Club last time, but hopefully things will be better this time around, as always I'm remaining impartial but optimistic....

Also from the flyers, look out for a remixed 'Thank You' complete with orchestra (!) and, finally, it looks like we may also get an eagerly anticipated electric instrumental.....

Last I heard things looked good on the Mogg front, so watch this space....

Oh, and if you've emailed me in the past month, I will reply soon!

24th September 1998

Please note change above! I incorrectly stated that the video was $30+$5 when I should have said $35+$5.

Tyson now has an official Michael Schenker Records UK Web page through which all the MSR products can be purchased. The page also contains an email address to get in contact, but from my past experiences I feel I must add... PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS SERVICE! (You all know what I mean.....)

Andrew Harper here in the UK has some items for sale, please email him for availability... not me!

7th October 1998

Since this news is now on Wendis page I guess it is out in the open, so I can report that last I heard Phil was writing some songs with Jeff Kollman (Cosmosquad, MSG) with a view to recording. I have had no confirmation since, but if true it should be worth waiting for. Although Jeff played bass for Michael on the G3 tour, his playing on the Cosmosquad album was very impressive.

For people after the first two UFO albums I picked a copy of 'UFO - Unidentified Flying Object' from my local store the other day. Released through 'Wise Buy' (WB 885952) it is basically the first two albums minus the track 'Flying'.

Please be patient it you have emailed me recently, I'm afraid work has to take priority at the moment.

16th October 1998

MSG news: MSG are due to go in the recording studio soon with a changed line-up of Michael on guitar (obviously!), Shane Gaalaas on drums again, Kelly Keeling on vocals and John Ander on bass.

Apparantly Mogg-Way _are_ now back in the studio with Jeff Kollman on guitar.....

On a third front the two PRP albums 'Under theRising Sun' and 'Raw Material' are due to be released worldwide as a double package called 'Worlds Apart' very soon (this week?).... as well as a new album to look forward to.

So all in all, things are looking good! Work is still hectic, so please carry on being patient if you've emailed me recently!

28th October 1998

Issue 6 of MGAB is now finished.. subscribers should receive it in a couple of weeks, if you don't subscribe then WHY NOT? (Address is in the 'addresses' section).

Appears XERO are releasing a new compilation called 'Flying God' which seems to be a mix of WOW and WITS, with no new tracks... bet the other guys in UFO have some views on the CD title....

Is also apparantly a compilation of UFO B-Side in the works, to be released by Repertoire.. more news as I get it...

There are a few G3 bootlegs floating about of variable quality, one of which, recorded in Dusseldorf, has my photos of one of the shows put in the insert! If whoever did this would like to send me some money for doing this then you can reach me at .......

Finally, a guy called Chris Martin runs a Webzine called 'Eyes of Rock' ( and today (28th) he is doing an interview with Paul Chapman to be put on his page sometime Friday 30th October.

2nd November 1998

Tysons 'Michael Schenker Records UK' page has moved to

The UFO compilation 2 CD set 'Time to Rock - Best of Singles A's and B's' has now been released. I don't have my own copy yet, so thanks to the guys who've sent in info on it! Is released by 'Repertoire' , REP 4720-WR, and contains the following tracks:

CD-1: Shake it About, Melinda, UFO, Boogie, Treacle people, C'Mon Everybody, Timothy, Prince Kajuku, The coming of prince Kajuku, Galactic Love, Loving Cup, Give her the Gun, Sweet little thing, Dr Dr, Lipstick traces, Shoot Shoot, Love lost Love, Alone again Or, Only you can rock Me, Cherry, Rock Bottom.
CD-2: Dr Dr(live), On with the Action (live), Young blood, Lights Out, Couldn't get it right, Hot n Ready (live), Lonely heart, Long gone, Let it Rain, Heel of a Stranger, You'll get love, Back into my life, The Writer, When it's time to rock, Everybody Knows, This Time, The Chase, Night run (US remix), Heaven's gate (US remix)

There is also a live CD from Sept. 1971, REP 4698-WY, featuring Mick Bolton on guitar, tracks: C'Mon Everybody, Who Do You Love, Loving Cup, Prince Kajuku, Coming of PK, Boogie, Follow You Home.

Says Mike at MGAB, "Each disc is fully repackaged with extensive sleeve notes from Chris Welch. Chris has also interviewed Phil Mogg especially for these releases and discussed the backgrounds of many of the tracks, and talked in depth about UFO's glory days, described in the pre press information as "Wit, humour and rock and roll - it's all there".

4th November 1998

West Yorkshire (UK)-based UFO Tribute band 'Force It' require a Phil Mogg and Paul Raymond/Neil Carter to complete line up. Contact Gary on 01937 843357 or E-Mail

For details of the last UFO album, Walk On Water, click HERE.

Details of the last MSG album, Written In The Sand can be found HERE.
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