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News Items for 1997 up to end of March .. some of the links may not work from here, sorry!

9th January 1997

A belated Happy New Year!

No news to report, but just to let you know that there isn't! If you have emailed me recently I have a backlog of messages to 20th December and I will be away for a few days, so if you emailed me after then hang tight, I'll get back to you eventually!

22nd January 1997

Lots of news! MSG tour is getting started again. Saratoga Winners gig has been rescheduled for 4th April and from Wendi (via KLOS radio), MSG is playing Billboard Live in LA in March, supposedly after they return from recording a live album in Japan (?) set for Autumn (that's fall for some of you!) release. The report said the live album would feature Van Landing and Sundin both ..... watch this space for clarification!

Plans are afoot for a European branch of the Michael Schenker Fan Club to deal with European orders ..... more details as they become avaliable!

And finally, the new John Norum album, "World's Away", has been released!

23rd January 1997

For the Japanese regulars ..... MSG are apparantly coming to Japan in March .....

Some more background on Van Landing was included in this weeks SFK (an ezine dedicated to AOR) by Tim Wadzinski .... his piece can be perused here.

30th January 1997

I am in the process of setting up a UFO and related newsgroup on the alt.* heirarchy of newsgroups (should ensure as wide as possible an audience). Watch this space for further updates!

11th February 1997

Sorry, this is a week out of date! But found this in last weeks SFK (by Tim Wadanski): "Now for the weekly MSG update: folks at Michael Schenker's management told me the band filmed their December 6th, 1996, gig at The Vic Theater right here in Chicago. Tapes are selling at Rolling Stone Records in Norridge, IL, and the plan for the future is for MSG to film *all* their shows, run off high-speed dubs, and then sell them to the fans as they leave the post-show meet & greet. Supposedly, Mr. Schenker himself came up with this pretty cool idea."

Have been hearing promising rumours on the UFO grapevine .. watch this space for confirmed news as I get it!

13th February 1997

Tristan is trying to sort out an `Ultimate Michael Schenker' list, to fit on 4 CDs (66 tracks) .... have a look and send him your suggestions!

17th February 1997

A few items ...... first it would appear that this Video has not appeared at Rolling Stone Records (yet?). Will try to keep you all posted! The Billboard Live gig mentioned earlier also appears to have been someone misreading upcoming gigs .... no-one seems to be aware of it! Finally, some positive news! I have set up a UFO newsgroup `alt.rock-n-roll.ufo'! Or at least I think I have. It's definately appeared on my system, but as of today I have had no response from anyone else in the world! Please have a look for it!

27th February 1997

Bits of news seem to be leaking into the `public domain' so I think it's safe for me to say that UFO (or at least Phil and Pete) currently seem to be in the studio recording with a new guitarist. More news as and when it becomes safe for me to release!

On a related note, Tommy McClendon (Misdemeanor, Ain't Misbehavin) is playing at the EDGE in Palo Alto on March 20 supporting Loudness (in his group with Brian Wheat, Soul Motor).

Have I said this? Apparantly this video at Rolling Stones records sold out, and has not been restocked. If I hear differently it'll be added here!

4th March 1997

Latest news on Fan Club orders: Tristan has now set up a European branch of the Fan Club to help sort out the backlog of orders. The current details can be found here. For the time being please only fans from EUROPE contact Tristan regarding unfulfilled orders of CDs or Fan Club membership. Tristan says "I am going to ask anyone who has not received either Walk On Water, Written In The Sand, Thank You or Fan Club membership to mail him with details, dates of cheques etc etc and I will once and for all get their product to them. It has been unnacceptable for money to be cashed and no product received."

17th March 1997

News of the new `UFO' album appears to be leaking out (Brent Harris posting to AOL) so I guess it's OK to release some of the news I have been hearing. Phil and Pete are currently recording with George Bellas and Aynsley Dunbar. Talk seems to be of a Summer album release .. watch this space for news, as and when I can post it!

On a more urgent note, I have heard that Mike Pincher (of Misty Green and Blue) was broken into recently and has lost everything he was working on for MGAB issue 5, which will therefore have to be delayed. If you are an email subscriber please email Wendi ( with your name, address, and the day you sent in your subscription to help with cross referencing data re-inputting. Mike Pincher can NOT read emails sent to .. he now has no computer. Urgent emails should be sent to Tristan at his web site (

25th March 1997

Watch out for more updates soon!
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