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$IGN OF 4 TOUR 2002

27th December 2003

Just a quickee cos I'm still on holiday! Tristan now has a UFO page up and running (or rather he has revamped his old page and got it right up to date). Find it at

22nd December 2003

There is now an Official UFO Site to promote the forthcoming album "You Are Here". It features the current dates for the 2004 European tour (still to be added here.. sorry!) alongwith the cover art of the album and photos from the recording.

The US leg of the MSG tour is now over, and by most accounts has been a success. Follow previous links for reviews.. a page will be added here shortly.

I have been asked to mention that the Sensational Alex Harvey Band has an official website here and that they will be playing at the Glasgow's Grand Ole Opry on Christmas Eve (December 24th) ably supported by Bruce Watson and JJ Gilmore.

All that's left to say in case I don't get another chance is to wish all the visitors to this site a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I know I've had quite a year, been so near to closing this site down due to other commitments, but as always have been humbled by everyones words of encouragement and support. My New Year pledge to you all is that this site will be back to it's old self starting next month to cover what promises to be a busy year in UFO and Schenker land.

12th December 2003

In the latest edition (christmas edition) of Classic Rock there is a top 50 of live albums (greatest ever). Strangers In The Night makes a very credible 6th place behind The Who (Live at Leeds) in 5th, Zep (How The West Was Won) in 4th, Cheap Trick (At Budokan) 3rd, AC/DC (If You Want Blood) 2nd and top was Lizzy's Live And Dangerous. UFO just beats Rolling Stones, Kiss, Rush and Allman Brothers making up the top 10!

Now, gotta type this VERY carefully.. but seems that MSG have joined the bill at the Piorno Rock Festival on Feb 28th 2004 in Granada, Spain.

Talking of MSG seems some idiot decided to throw a bottle at Michael on stage, causing the set to be cut short, but apart from this tour is still going strong.

10th December 2003

Sometimes the news is just so good I have to updtae even when I am too busy!

News just in from SPV, or rather news that is now official (thanks Christian), the new UFO album 'You Are Here' will be released on 16th Feb 2004 (I assume this is only European release). Recorded near Hannover, produced by Tommy Newton the former Victory guitarist and Helloween producer it features 11 new songs including The Spark That Is Us, Slipping Away, Mr Freeze, Swallow, Looking For The Wild one.

It then goes on to confirm the tour dates which will go up on my tour dates page soon (!) along with FOUR festivals: Gods Of Metal (Italy, June 5th), Sweden Rock (Solvesborg June 11th), Arrow Classic (Netherlands June 12th) and Bang Your Head (Germany June 26th).

I am also very excited to tell you that the very special guest on the tour will be none other than friend of the site, Uli Jon Roth! Cool!

6th December 2003

OK.. another longer than anticipated delay.. everything here has gone totally mad. In this update, MSG tour, UFO tour dates, lots of interview news.

MSG tour is well under way. Regretably I will not be setting up my usual tour page until they reach the UK, but will soon set up a small page with links to other peoples efforts. In particular check out Ritchie's site, Peter's site and of course the SITN site. Sorry I cannot put up any reviews/pictures on this site, but at the moment I really can't do it justice and everyone else is doing such a good job anyway!

Regarding the MSG tour it is wonderful to hear good reports and to see pictures of Michael looking so fit, healthy andf happy. There has been a minor hiccup to the tour (last night) when the venue turned out to be totally unsuitable for the gig, but apart from that all is going well. Check out Chris Logan's site for a run down.

Some UFO tour dates have started to leak out (thanks to Uwe for pointing this out!) and now it seems to have forced SPV's hand a little to make them official. The current official dates are can be found at SITN until I find time to get them up here (sorry yet again!). More dates to follow.. in particular in the UK.

Some good interviews to have a look at (more links to follow):

Interview with Michael Schenker at

Interview with Amy Schugar at SITN.

Graham Bonnet update at

And Batttty keeps on at me to put a link to pictures from the recent Heavy Metal Kids tour!

Right... got a nappy to change..

6th November 2003

Tour dates have been added to and in some cases ammended.

The December issue of Classic Rock contains a 12 page feature on the Heavy Metal Kids (Danny Peyronel).

Forgot to mention this a while back... but the John Norum 'is he in UFO.. isn't he in UFO...' saga was all happening while there must have been negotiations going on for the Europe reformation. This site wishes John every success in this venture, and hopes that he doesn't get sick of playing Final Countdown every night when they tour!

5th November 2003

Michael Schenker has now got his own website again, from which you can buy the next installment in the 'Thank You series', Thank You 4. The page is at and also includes a personal message from Michael.

On a very related note more MSG tour dates (US in December) have been added to the tour dates page. The touring line-up will be Michael Schenker, Chris Logan, Rev Jones, Wayne Findlay, Pete Holmes.

Also on a related note there is now also a site for Amy Schugar from where you will soon be able to order a 'demonstration disc' of recent recordings of the 'Schugar Schenker Project'. It can be found at

Both this site and Michael's contain sound clips from the respective cds and Amy will be touring with MSG.

While talking of the MSG tour, it seems that there have been rumours that George Lynch will be touring with MSG.. this is not the case, although they will both be playing at the House Of Blues on the same night.

Forgot to mention earlier that the November edition of Classic Rock has a rather nice piece about UFO in it with archive photos and recent interviews.

Friend of this site Jeff Kollman (MSG, Mogg Way, $ign Of 4) begins his first 'European Tour' in a few days (Jeff.. there's more to Europe than Germany mate!):

"Los Angeles, CA - Guitarist Jeff Kollman, much sought-after collaborator and producer for rock luminaries such as Glenn Hughes ('Songs In The Key of Rock'), UFO's Phil Mogg ($ign of 4's 'Dancing with St. Peter'), and the just released HTP2 album featuring Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner, is once again spreading his wings as a solo artist and has just announced his first ever European tour set to kick off on November 9th in Ibbenbuhren, Germany .

The ever-prolific Kollman, whose resume also includes three solo albums, in addition to 3 releases with much heralded all-star prog/fusion trio, Cosmosquad, including this year's 'Live at the Baked Potato', will be touring with the JEFF KOLLMAN BAND, featuring drummer Charlie Waymire (EGH, Speak No Evil), and Canadian bassist, Paul Shannon (Scott Henderson, Brian McKnight, Zappacosta). 

The full list of dates can be found HERE (all Germany except November 20th in Rome, Italy).

For more info Jeff's page is at and Charlie's is at

23rd October 2003

Many thanks for the congratulatory emails from everyone! It really brought some people out of the woodwork.. including Tristan who has also started to update his Story Of Michael Schenker site once more, good to have you back mate! :)

And talking of people coming out the woodwork.. out of the blue we suddenly have some MSG tour dates! Currently starting on November 26th in Concord, California and running until 20th December in Chicago. More details on the Tour Page when I update it.

Recording of the new UFO album with Vinnie Moore on guitar is taking place as I speak, there is a small update at Vinnie's official site with promise of a more detailed update soon. I'm sure that the line that Paul Chapman is on the album is a mistake (should be Paul Raymond).

Back to tours, and the Heavy Metal Kids (Danny Peyronel) kick off a short UK tour tommorrow night:

"Solid Entertainments presents.... THE HEAVY METAL KIDS with HURRICANE PARTY as special guests

Friday 24th October - JB's, Dudley - 01384 253597
Wednesday 29th October - The Spiders Web, Grimsby - 01472 692065
Friday 31st October - The Victoria, Coalville - 01530 814718
Saturday 1st November - The Springhead, Hull - 01482 650924

After the longest tea-break in rock and roll history the Heavy Metal Kids are back ! Led by original members Danny Peyronel (ex UFO), Ronnie Thomas and Keith Boyce, with a twin guitar attack from new members Marco and Marco (even their mothers can't tell them apart!) they have a cracking new album out, 'Hit The Right Button' released on Heavy Metal Records. Expect to hear some of the old favourites 'The Cops Are Coming', 'Delirious' etc as the boys show why bands like The Wildhearts and Hanoi Rocks cite the Kids as a major influence.

Check for more info

More news on the Zoom releases soon, and other stuff, but gotta go and give a lecture....!

19th September 2003

Totally off-topic, but I don't care!

Today I became a dad! Little baby Natasha, born after a very lengthy labour, weighing in at 3.58 Kg. Mother and baby doing well, father still trying to work out which end the nappy goes on.

I won't put a picture up, because she's just so damn gorgeous that those of you with babies will get jealous!

14th September 2003

Seems chat room stopped working.. still haven't worked out why but in the meantime have put up a java chatroom in its place. If people prefer this one please let me know and I'll make the change permanent (and now might be time for people to start using it again?!). Click on 'Chat' button on left.

Following the success of the MSG live CD digipacks Zoom Club have now got a set of live UFO CDs. Know nothing about them except what they tell you on the web site.. but the previous MSG ones were good quality soundboard recordings.

3rd September 2003

After another long pause... some catching up!

Vinnie Moore has indeed put up a comment on joining UFO at his Official Site (direct link) as has Pete Way at his official site (direct link).

Talking of Pete Way, Walt James (Amphetamine) now has his own website with samples of his upcoming album at

I have been asked by BGO records to mention that the Lone Star albums which they were producing (2 on 1 CD) are no longer available.. the rights reverted back to Sony Music.. they have no more stocks.. stop bugging them! :)

The SITN website has some new interviews up including an excellent one with Jeff Martin.

Been a slow few weeks realls.. let's hope it'll pick up!

29th July 2003

Finally the news is now official! Been sitting on this for far too long... the new UFO line-up has been confirmed as Phil Mogg, Pete Way, Vinnie Moore, Paul Raymond and Jason Bonham. There will be a statement from Vinnie soon at his official site.

18th July 2003

You have may have seen rumours to the new UFO line-up... this is certainly not official.

4th July 2003

Signed Michael Schenker flying V up on ebay (this was up earlier but I didn't get the chance to update in time, but has been reauctioned after not reaching reserve bid). There was also a bass put up there by Andy Brauer which I assume will be put up again at a future date (details here.)

Chris Logan has updated his site with samples and lyrics from Arachnophobia.

2nd July 2003

For those of you who knew Brent Harris (I got to know him through this site and through his involvement with Michael and Bella) I'm sorry to announce that he has died of a heart attack, aged 43, on 30th June 2003. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

27th June 2003

As some of you may now have heard it's now official that John Norum will not be the new guitarist for UFO (I was hoping to have the name of who will be before I put this news up here but alas no luck). See the Official John Norum site or the Pete Way site for confirmation from John and a statement by Pete.

The new MSG album Arachnophobiac is now out! Due to work commitments I will not have time to write a decent review for a couple of weeks, but Battty has a few up now at the SITN site. Briefly however it isn't an album that immediately hits you in the face, but is more of a grower.. Jeff Watson is credited with lead guitar on four of the 11 tracks, which wasn't a surprise to me but must be the first time an MSG album has employed a 'guest lead guitarist'. Having said that, he does an excellent job!

Last update I forgot to mention a new release by Zoom Club Records. This is another 4 CD digibox set of live MSG material "Back To Attack". from '81, '83 and '84. The sound quality is of a good bootleg, as the last 4 CD set released by Zoom, and claims to be from Gary Barden's private collection! More details at the Zoom site.

13th June 2003

Lots of news below, including urgent Pete Way announcement if you live in the Cleveland, Ohio, area.

Comment from Dave: I am aware that updates have been rather sparse recently but sometimes things happen in your life that forces you to re-prioritise, and unfortunately what essentially amounts to a hobby has to take a back seat. However, I have seen too many sites already go down this road and eventually cease to exist.. and I'm determined not to let that happen here! So rest assured, this site is still kicking and screaming and will be for the forseeable future!

"The BW&BK 6-Pack Weekend organizers have confirmed that three Heavy  Metal legends will be performing unplugged sets on Saturday afternoon,  June 14th at Alice Cooper'stown Restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio....

Legendary UFO bassist Pete Way will perform an acoustic set of classic  UFO. Accompanying Pete Way on stage will be guitarists Michael Klein  and Rodger Marcus from Cleveland underground legends BREAKER.

The acoustic sets are FREE and open to the public! You do not need a ticket or special pass to get in. Details are as follows... Saturday, June 14th;12 Noon - 2 P.M. Doors open at 11 A.M. Be sure to plan on arriving early because a big turnout is expected. The performance schedule is as follows:
12:00 Noon - Tim 'Ripper' Owens
12:30 P.M. - Pete Way
1:00 P.M. - Candlemass
Alice Cooper'stown Restaurant - Cleveland, OH 2217 East 9th Street (located directly across from Jacobs Field at the corner of East 9th and Bolivar) 216-566-8100

The EXCLUSIVE acoustic sets are an added bonus to the BW&BK 6-Pack  Weekend that is being held at The Odeon in Cleveland (in the 'Flats')  from June 12-14th.
More information, including tickets, running times, sponsor offers and  discounted hotels can be found at"

New MSG album Arachnophobiac released in 4 days and counting.... I hope to update the Arachnophobiac page here with reviews over the next few days. In related news Michael has set up a new project, some details of which can be found at Ritchie's site, but not much to go on yet.

Pictures from the recent Heavy Metal Kids Tour (Danny Peyronel) are now up at the HMK site (thanks Batttty). The tour was to promote the excellent 'Hit The Right Button' CD which can be ordered from or This is an excellent CD and I'm sure I'll be writing a review in the not-too-distant future.

Also from Batttty we have an update on Waysted. Fin is now back in the UK having completed a studio session with Pete Way, Paul Chapman and Scott Phillips - see the photos at Pete Way's site. There is still more to do and they will all be hopefully getting together again later this month to complete the sessions.

SILVER release their third album titled `Intruder', in September via Point Music. The band's line-up for this release features:
Gary Barden - Vocals
Don Airey - Keysboards
Michael Voss - Guitar Bernie Torme - Guitar
Bob Daisley - Bass
Bertram Engel - Drums.

Check out Mondria's Michael Schenker website. He's given the whole site a revamp and it's looking pretty cool!

Doug spotted the following being advertised as a forthcoming release (thanks Doug) for those of you who don't already have a copy of recording!

UFO "Big Apple Encounters"

"The classic lineup recorded live in front of a studio audience at the Record Plant NYC 1975 for transmission on a New York radio station. song list: Let it Roll, Doctor Doctor, Oh My, Built for Comfort, Out in the Streets, Space Child, Mother Mary, All or Nothing, This Kids, Shoot Shoot, Rock Bottom. Majestic Rock / UK / Release June"

Lots of interviews have piled up at the SITN site courtesy of Battttty, including:

Christopher Maloney ($ign Of 4)

Kelly Keeling (MSG)

Chris Logan (MSG) talking about the new release.

1st May 2003

In-depth interview with Graham Bonnet now up at Electric Basement.

Moved old news items to the Archives and added album pages for The Plot and Arachnophobiac

30th April 2003

Lots of news items to catch up on:

According to the Official John Norum web site his joining UFO is still not 'official'.. watch this space!

A very exciting piece of news, Pete Way along with Paul Chapman and the elusive Fin are to reform Waysted! Check out Pete's official site for his statement and while you're there order a copy of the excellent 'Alive in Cleveland'. 'The Plot', Pete's project with Michael Schenker and Jeff Martin which apparently has now been released in Japan will be available from the site soon too. If you liked Amphetamine you'll certainly like The Plot.. and for my money has some of ther heaviest guitar riffs that Michael has ever produced!

Talking of Michael Schenker, the new MSG album is to be titled 'Arachnophobiac', with a release date of June 17th 2003. The line-up is Michael, Chris Logan, Stu Hamm and on drums Jeremy Colson (Steve Vai, Marty Friedman). The Stu Hamm connection is not so surprising when you remember that he was playing with Joe Satriani on the G3 Tour.Track listing: Evermore, Illusion, Arachnophobiac, Rock and Roll Believer, Into the Sands of Time, Weathervane, Over Now, One World, Break the Cycle, Alive, Fatal Strike. According to Chris Logan distribution in the U.S. will by Shrapnel Records, and in Europe by Mascot Records, Netherlands. Japanese distribution to be announced soon.

There is now a review of 'Hit The Right Button' by the Heavy Metal Kids (Danny Peyronel) at the SITN site.

I think that's it for now... I'm sure that if I've forgotten anything someone will remind me.....

5th April 2003

Michael Schenker's leather jacket now on Ebay according to Andy Brauer.. you can find it here. Auction closes April 6th.

2nd April 2003

News of 'The Plot' (Pete Way, Michael Schenker, Jeff Martin) release (Europe and through the official site) and Pete's comments on John Norum joining UFO now up at his official site. ( direct link to news items).

Fin.. remember him? After years of people asking me 'where is he?' he's been tracked down and interviewed by Batttty at the SITN site.

27th March 2003

Apologies... link to Leo Lyons was typed incorrectly in the last news item... it has now been corrected!

18th March 2003

With Michael leaving UFO and leaving the guitar spot emptyit gives me great pleasure to at last announce that the new UFO guitarist will be John Norum! John was last rumoured to be possibly joining the band back in 96 when the Walk On Water tour went belly-up, but now after a recent stint with Dokken (along side our own Barry Sparks) he finally joins the band officially! An accomplished musician and very pleasant personality I'm sure he will make a valuable contribution to the continuing history of UFO.

New interview with Leo Lyons at the SITN site.

14th March 2003

Michael Schenker's #2 Flying V Now on eBay at this location, bid open until the 16th March. Current bid $20,000.

9th March 2003

From Joe Kleon:

"We are happy to announce that the Pete Way Dot Net secure online store will finally open Monday, March 10.

Advance copies of ALIVE IN CLEVELAND will be available and will ship immediately. This advance contains the entire 74 minute live album, plus an unreleased bonus track! This bonus track is only available on this advance!

Everyone who orders the advance will receive them autographed by Pete.

Also availabe at the store will be a bunch of Waysted, UFO, and Pete stuff. Please help support Pete's website and make a purchase (or two) Monday for the grand opening of the online store.

Many other items, such as shirts, Amphetamine soccer balls, mousepads, coasters, ceramic mugs, etc. will be for sale.

Some autographed items will also be available."

Also at are pictures and write ups from the recent gigs Pete played with PAUL CHAPMAN. Also some more pictures at the SITN site.

Review of the new Heavy Metal Kids album at (Danny Peyronel).

21st February 2003

Few items to catch up on:

New tour dates at the official Pete Way Site (with Paul Chapman).

Something's stirring in the MSG camp, looks like Chris Logan is working with Michael again.

Great interview with Danny Peyronel at the SITN site.

Former MSG vocalist Gary Barden will be performing with STATETROOPERS at The Croydon Cartoon Club in the U.K. on March 5.

I think that's it for now... just finished marking a huge stack of assessments, but hopefully will be keeping more up to date here now..

29th January 2003

Fallen behind a little with announcements again. Michael Schenker has relinquished his claim on the name 'UFO', for new visitors there was a contract signed back when the 'classic line-up' reformed that basically said that UFO could only be called such if it had both Michael and Phil as members. This now paves the way for future UFO tours with someone else on guitar. As always this site will continue to follow the fortunes of all parties involved.. watch this space!

In unrelated news (I'm not going to be the one to start any rumours) dates for Pete's forthcoming tour with Paul Chapman on guitar are now starting to appear at his official site., along with new comments by Pete on both this tour and Michael's decision to leave UFO.

Finally, the sad news that Mike Pincher is closing down the UFO Appreciation Society, due to other commitments, and so in particular the MGAB web site. Although the site is a fairly recent affair, he started producing the Misty Green and Blue magazines back in 1994. This was the year before I started this site and these publications were a great source of inspiration. Thanks Mike, for all your hard work over the years.

24th January 2003

A belated Happy New Year.. been out of circulation for a while and there's loads of Pete Way news to catch up on (courtesy of JOe at the Official Pete Way site.

The most exciting of this news is that Paul Chapman has joined Pete's band and they will begin a tour in three to four weeks! A number of dates have already been confirmed and will be posted on Pete's site Monday.

In related news, Pete is proud to announce that his recent Cleveland show, recorded October 4, 2002, will be released on March 18. It will be sold exclusively on Pete's website,, and pre-orders will be taken from February 17th.

There was a Jeff Kollman sighting at the recent NAMM, with Glenn Hughes.. pictures at this web site (thanks Batttty). Also at NAMM Michael Schenker was spotted among the crowds!

18th December 2002

Been a bit slack with the site because of work commitments, but not much news anyway.

I have now added some more show reviews on the $ign Of 4 tour page as well as a link to the $ign Of 4 Fans page which is kept up to date with all the latest happenings.

Pete Way now has a new official website up and running at New tour dates have also been announced, including Pete's first ever ALL ACOUSTIC SHOW! (thanks Joe).

Our old friends Force It - The UFO Tribute Band have their website back up and running at .

Finally the annual thanks to everyone for visiting this site and keeping me motivated, have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

24th November 2002

$ign Of 4 gig last night (final show of the tour) was awesome. Photos now up on the Tour Page, or follow direct link to Oxford photos. Reviews to follow. If anyone wants to email reviews of any of the shows please do so, but please if you want to send photos only send a few and please no photos bigger than 50K, thanks.

For details of the last UFO album, Sharks, click HERE.

The following link has been added because I was impressed enough by their service.. please keep me informed if this link does not provide you with a satisfactory result!

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