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Disclaimer: Although I have tried to keep the news presented here as up to date and accurate as possible using the most reliable sources available at the time, I claim no responsibility for the reliability of information!

14th February 2002

No recent page updates due to heavy workload, but there WILL soon be reviews and suchlike going up for recent allbum releases.

Misty Green and Blue website is back up and running, with a front page at least, with news on UFO. As reported earlier here they were due to go into the studio this month to record a new album, and the news is that they've all made it (plus Aynsley Dunbar on drums). Also (thanks Ormsby) they were due to have a photo shoot for the cover last weekend in San Fransisco so it definately looks like all systems are go!

Still no news on I have had emails concerning having also dissapeared, my understanding of this was that due to various events this site lost the official backing of Pete a while back and he is setting up a new official site.. but with Pete being Pete don't hold your breath! As far as I am aware there is every intention of honouring orders for merchandise.

Had some emails about this too.. but Wendi at UFO A2Z has cleared it up: there is an album out called 'The Future is Listening' by 'UFO!'.. it's not UFO but some dance music rubbish so be warned.

7th February 2002

Not many updates recently because nothing's been happening!

Is a rumour that the website will soon be back up, but for people who have been emailing me, I know nothing about existing orders for Thank You III.

Chris Logan has updated his news page, nothing really earth shattering but good to see he's still keeping his site up to date!

Dokken (Barry Sparks) have now added three UK gigs to thier itinerary, with some European dates to follow, keep an eye on the unofficial Barry site

Black Symphony's ( Rev Jones) second album, 'Tears Of Blood', is now available (Detritus).

25th January 2002

Rev Jones (MSG, Black Symphony) is the subject of an interview over at Rockreunion (thanks Rev).

Apparently the MSG gig at the Roadhouse, Sacramento has been rescheduled for April 19th. We shall see... (thanks to the various sources).

21st January 2002

Just noticed that the news update from last week has vanished! This was due to server move and I must have posted the update in the middle of the move.. D'Oh!

I _think_ that the update was just the new of the UFO compilation release from EMI cut and paste from Detritus, the original of which I have since deleted. Basically it's released February 15th with track listing: Rock Bottom, Shoot Shoot, Natural Thing, I'm A Loser, Too Hot To Handle, Love To Love, Try Me, Cherry, Only You Can Rock Me, Doctor Doctor (live), Young Blood, Lonely Heart, Couldn't Get It Right, Back Into My Life, Blinded By A Lie, Night Run.

I'd also announced that there was due to be an appearance by Cosmosquad (minus Barry Sparks due to touring commitments) at the NAMM convention last weekend.

I may also have said something about the MSR web site being down.. basically I don't have any official statement about it, but I think it's down for the forseeable future. I don't know anything about outstanding orders.

3rd January 2002

Email from Jeff Kollman:

Cosmosquad "Squadrophenia"
Available Jan 10th 2002.
Jeff Kollman, Guitar
Barry Sparks, Bass
Shane Gaalaas, Drums

We invite you to Go to our website at for samples and ordering info. You can order online or write us at p.o. Box 33992 Granada Hills Cal. 91394

Also available is the release of "Schizoid" by Jeff Kollman (1990). Previously released in Japan Only.

Jeff's Metal band Edwin Dare "The Unthinkable Deed" now availalble on Marmaduke records.

Cosmosquad's self titled debut release is now restocked.

News ...... The Phil Mogg band release "Stonetown" (we are calling it for now) was completed in the fall. There's no info on a release date due to deals pending. Lineup includes Phil Mogg vocals (from UFO), Jeff Kollman Guitars, Shane Gaalaas drums, Jimmy Curtain bass. Produced by Jeff Kollman.

Cosmosquad has mastered the "Live at The Baked Potato" recording. We have not released it yet because we thought it might be good to get the studio record out first. Ha... It will be available March 1st, 2002.

In addition, Shane Gaalaas will feature on the Hughes Turner Project, a joint venture by Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner. Japanese release February 6th, European release still being negotiated.

20th December 2001

Apparently the Groove Machine are starting to send out copies of Regenerator (UFO live album from 1982 see news item from October 12th). More news on that as I get it.

More Dokken dates at Batty's site (Barry Sparks).

Credit where credit's due: I know that in the past a lot of people have been unhappy with ordering stuff from MSR, but I ordered a copy of Thank You 3 from there online, received an email confirmation almost immediately and it arrived a couple of days ago within the '28 days delivery' all courtesy of Karen, the 'Fanclub Manager'.

Talking of Thank You 3... I'll put together a review over Christmas, but briefly, first impressions from the sound clips on the Web were that it was just 'more of the same', but it seems that those clips were poorly chosen. Yes, all the songs are good, as you'd expect, but then you get some really good ones such as the very catchy, blues influenced, 'Take Me' and the atmospheric 'Thank You'. If you liked the original Thank You I think you'll definitely like this, if you weren't that taken with the original then perhaps this one won't be for you either.

Of course, if you are in the former category you should also get hold of Barry Spark's 'Glimmer of Hope', you will definitely like that (this page is starting to turn into a Barry Fan Club....).

Recent news at the Graham Bonnet site.

In case I don't update this page again before next week, hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas (or whatever you're celebrating) and a merry New Year!

14th December 2001

Rev Jones has passed on two web addresses for your perusal:

Black Symphony
Rev Jones

Both with lots of info and background.

Barry Spark's song 'Lady Liberty', written in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack, will be the opening track on a CD designed to raise money for the Red Cross. Details can be found here.

Cosmosquad make a rare trip away from the Baked Potato and play in Akron, Ohio on December 15th.

Even MORE Barry Sparks news.. more dates for the upcoming Dokken Tour (with John Norum on guitar) have been added to Batty's Barry page. They may also eventually appear at his official site.

12th December 2001 UPDATE

I don't know whether the last item was true or false, but I now have it on good authority that Michael is not missing and is at home.

12th December 2001

OK, I know that this will be fuel for those baying for blood, but for the large number of people that do still genuinely care about Michaels well-being, KSAN radio has broadcast that a missing persons report for him has been filed with the Palo Alto Police Dept. If this is true, and anyone has any information on his whereabouts please contact the PAPD.. at this stage I'm pretty sure that it's not a hoax.

10th December 2001

Chris Logan's news page has been updated.. essentially confirming that the remaining dates have all been cancelled.

9th December 2001

Ventura gig cancelled and from unconfirmed reports I've been getting seems highly unlikely there will be any more dates of this tour played.

Thanks to everyone sending in information.

8th December 2001

Sacramento gig was cancelled last night.

7th December 2001 UPDATE

News from 170.7 KSAN - The Bone (Californian radio station that sponsored the Palo Alto gig) is that the band and equipment are still at last nights venue as of 20 minutes ago (about 2pm CA time).. making tonights Sacramento gig unlikely to go ahead.

7th December 2001

Woke up on another Manchester morning?

News from last nights MSG gig at Palo Alto (see Toms review for a factual description on the Tour Page) is that the band left the stage after one song and didn't return. Official story is that Michael has a fever, and since I was not there myself, and so have no first-hand backstage information, I won't speculate any further... but let's all keep calm (please)!

No news on future gigs, if you have a ticket check with the venue before travelling.

6th December 2001

More stuff added to Tour Page.

Also MSG tour: according to Pollstar the December 11th gig has been moved to the Roxy Theater (still West Hollywood).

4th December 2001

Some more show reviews added, and a couple of great pictures from the DeKalb gig (thanks Gene and sos!).

Cosmosquad play the Baked Potato again Wednesday December 12th.

Two interviews with a Robin McAuley connection (V-Project and Haven) at (thanks Ralph).

30th November 2001

DeKalb show review added.

29th November 2001

More show reviews added.

28th November 2001 UPDATE

MSG 2001/2002 Tour page now up. Of note so far several reviews and a very candid interview with Michael Schenker from the Chicago Herald.

28th November 2001

Thanks for the show reviews coming in... keep them coming.. and pictures! I'm setting up a 'MSG Tour' page to put them up.. should be ready this evening. If you send comments on shows that you do not want made public please make this clear!

27th November 2001 UPDATE:

News of the MSG gig is coming in, seems it went off well and apart from a couple of slips Michael is in good form. A large proportion of the set was old stuff with 4/5 songs from BAOS included, and only one UFO song (Doctor Doctor). Total show time, with Plot in the middle, about 2 hours (thanks in particular to Ken for the speedy email!).

27th November 2001:

First date of the MSG tour should have finished a few hours ago.. news on how it went as soon as I can get it!

Thank You Part 3 is now on sale through the MSR homepage and at the MSG shows. There are now sound clips for TY3 and the Plot at the official site.

Barry Sparks starts touring the US end of December with Dokken (along with John Norum). First date December 29th, Jaxx Nightclub, Springfield, VA.. Batty is keeping track of the tour dates at her Barry Sparks shrine/website, European dates to follow.

Graham Bonnet tour may be off, three UK shows were cancelled due to Graham having a "serious chest infection". If you have tickets please phone the venue before travelling.

21st November 2001:

A second date has been added at Palo Alto for the MSG tour, see Tour Dates.

Last July (see archives) I had a flyer for a new CD release featuring Robin McAuley with a guitarist Max Magagni. Finally there is some news on this release, an interview with Magagni at (thanks Ralph).

Incidentally, due to work committments I have been sitting on a CD which I am supposed to be reviewing also featuring Robin McAuley, "Lost Demos". I will be putting up a page soon, but in the meantime it is a CD well worth checking out if you're a fan of Robins work. The official page off the project is at

For those Americans having difficulty finding Be Aware Of Scorpions in local stores, apparantly both and CD Now have copies in.

15th November 2001:

Michael Schenker interview on November 21st (Thanks Tom!).

It appears there has been some trouble getting hold of the new MSG album in the US, where it was supposed to have been released on the 13th (I couldn't find any copies in my local UK record stores either, but that's just the UK for you!). Chris (Logan) is on the case!

Finally, I am developing a WAP version of this site, if anyone has any strong views about what they would definately want on it please email me!

13th November 2001:

Be Aware Of Scorpions released in the US today.

New Gary Barden interview now up at European Power.

Graham Bonnet UK tour has now started, see official site for details.

7th November 2001:

Details of a Michael Schenker interview at Ritchies site.

Ex-UFO member Billy Sheehan will be touring with Steve Vai in November/December, see the Steve Vai page for full itinerary. Batty is taking questions for a proposed question and answer session with Billy at the Wolverhampton Civic gig on December 5th. Email "question suggestions" to her at

31st October 2001:

More tour dates.

If you're in the Hollywood area, Cosmosquad play two sets tonight at the Baked Potato.

26th October 2001:

Message from Bonnet Rocks website:

"Graham's guest appearance in Totalrock's program "DOOM & CO" has been rescheduled for this Saturday, October 27.
He is slated to show up at 8:00pm (UK Time). Tune in at the following website."

Official Chris Logan site updated.

24th October 2001:

The "What's New?" section at the official Michael Schenker site has (finally) been updated. Included in the updates is: Thank You III will be sold at gigs on the US tour, Plot (the band with Michael Schenker and Pete Way) have recorded an album which will be released 'soon', UFO will begin recording early 2002 with a tour later in the year (!) and... Michael is currently in the studio with MARTY FRIEDMAN working on a new instrumental!

Also mentioned, as reported here a while back, Thank You II will be released in the spring of 2002.

23rd October 2001:

BAOS released in Japan! See Ritchies site for details.

Another tour date added to US tour.

22nd October 2001:

My review of BAOS and lyrics now up.. follow the links from the BAOS Page.

19th October 2001:

Graham Bonnet will be one of the special guests on Totalrock's DOOM & CO on Saturday, October 20.

Tune in at the following URL from 6pm to midnight (UK TIME).

18th October 2001:

More tour dates added (Pollstar are catching up ;-)).. and a review of the new album from Magnus is up on the Be Aware Of Scorpions page.

Graham Bonnet and Don Airey Band tour dates updated at the Bonnet page.

17th October 2001:

Two more dates added to Tour Dates Page, more on the way! (Thanks again Brent).

News before mid-August 2001 has now been moved to The Archives.

16th October 2001:

Just in.... the MSG tour will start in Chicago on November 26th with three nights at the House Of Blues, although there may be a couple of warm-up gigs prior to this. It is confirmed that Pete Way will also be on the road for the tour (thanks Brent).

12th October 2001:

Main points from a Michael Schenker interview in 'Young Guitar' now up at Ritchies site. As reported in that interview Michael and Pete Way are working together on a project called 'The Plot', more news on that as I can get it!

Barry Sparks is currently working with none other than Don Dokken and John Norum, but WILL still be appearing at the Cosmosquad gig at the Baked Potato on October 31st (there was also a gig last night, sorry!). In related news it seems that the release of the eagerly anticipated Cosmosquad II CD may be delayed until next year.

More Graham Bonnet news at his official site. In short, there are some UK dates up now, part of the European tour with Don Airey.

From what I hear on the grapevine this still may not appear at stores, but Mike has details of a live UFO album, "Regenerator", which Zoom are trying to put out. It's one of the BBC recordings from 1982, for more details head over to the UFO Appreciation Soceiety.

10th October 2001:

Sample audio files from the forthcoming MSG album are now up at the SPV site.

The Japan tour has definately been shelved for now, but from what I can gather there is a lot of work going on to try and arrange a tour in the US before Christmas. Watch this space!

27th September 2001:

New MSG album cover and track listing now up at the SPV website, direct link (Thanks Peter).

I have also had confirmed that the release dates have not been affected by recent events and are still 29 October in Europe, 24 October in Japan and 13 November in North America.

23rd September 2001 UPDATE:

New list up and running at Topica: send blank email to: (thanks Batty).

23rd September 2001:

It would currently appear that the UFO4Ever/UFO2001 mailing list has been brought down by a rather nasty virus. I am still trying to get a definitive reason for last nights mass email, but due to the problem I have unsubscribed everyone and deleted the list. The situation was totally out of my control, and was not the fault of the author of the email that was sent out so many times, 'Skid Rowe'.

However, I would still like to apologise for the inevitable inconvenience casued to everyone subscribed.

Needless to say, I've had enough of the grief involved in maintaining the list and will not be resurrecting it again. However, as I type, a new list is being set up at Topica by Batty, where a Uli list has been successfully running since the demise of ListBot. As soon as it is ready I will put a note here.

18th September 2001:

Is definately public knowledge now.. the MSG tour was cancelled due to Jeff leaving the band. As far as this site is concerned the reasons are between him and Michael.

13th September 2001:

To coincide with the European Unions declaration that tomorrow (Friday 14th) will be a day of mourning in Europe for those killed in the recent events in the USA, this site will be taken down for 24 hours from approximately 00:00 BST tonight as a mark of respect.

7th September 2001:

Japan tour has now been cancelled.

4th September 2001:

MSG Japan tour has been postponed.

31st August 2001:

Got a little behind due to unforseen stuff, so here we go:

New MSG album 'Be Aware Of Scorpions' due out on October 24th in Japan (for rest of world see August 10th item). The track listing is now up on the Chris Logan websiteas No Turning Back, My Time's Up, Fallen The Love, Because I Can, One More Time, Blinded By Technology, Age Of Ice, Standin' On The Road, Sea Of Memory, On Your Way, Reflection Of Your Heart, Roll It Over, Eyes Of A Child. Japanese release has 'Ride The Lightning' as a bonus track (with Jeff Martin on vocals). US tour dates imminent.

I have a copy of the second Cosmosquad CD, and if you liked the first one you will definately like this one. Don't know of a release date yet, but will try and find out. Incidentally, I also recently got hold of a copy of Barry Sparks solo CD, 'Glimmer of Hope'.... if you liked Michael Schenkers 'Thank You' then this is a must. Same kind of thing, but a little more up tempo with a Spanish feel to it.

News update at the Official Graham Bonnet page (UK album release and another tour slated for October).

Great 'interview' with Pete Way at the Strangers In The Night site. This was going to be a live chat, but unfortunately it didn't work out.

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