MSG - Osaka IMP Hall
17th March 1997

Thanks to Koji Yanagiguchi!

1. In Search of Peace of Mind
2.Doctor Doctor
3.Let It Roll
4.Natural Thing
5.Lights Out
6.Only You Can Rock Me
7.Another Piece Of Meat
8.Into the Arena
9.Ready To Rock
10.Assault Attack
11.Captain Nemo
12.No Time For Losers
13.Save Yourself
14.All The Way From Memphis
15.Pushed To The Limit
16.Written In The Sand (vo.Leif Sundin)
17.Back To Life( vo.Leif Sundin)
18.Love Never Dies (vo.Leif Sundin)
21.Bijou Pleasurette
22.Positive Forward
23.Lost Horizons 24.Too Hot To Handle (vo. David Van Landing & Leif Sundin)
25.Attack Of The Mad Axeman
26.Love To Love
27.On And On
28.Armed And Ready
29.Feels Like A Good Thing
30.Rock Bottom

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