1995 (1997)

ZERO Corporation (Japan) XRCN-1237, Eagle (Europe) EAGCD.

Phil Mogg, Pete Way, Michael Schenker, Andy Parker, Paul Raymond


A Self Made Man Schenker/Mogg
Venus Schenker/Mogg
Pushed To The Limit Schenker/Mogg
Stopped By A Bullet (Of Love) Schenker/Mogg
Darker Days Schenker/Mogg
Running On Empty Schenker/Mogg
Knock, Knock Way/Mogg
Dreaming Of Summer Schenker/Mogg
Doctor, Doctor '95 Schenker/Mogg
Lights Out '95 Schenker/Mogg/Parker/Way
Message For Japan
European release, as well as above features 3 bonus tracks of 'Fortune Town' (Mogg/Way), 'I Will Be There' (MSG) and 'Public Enemy #1' (PRP).

US (Fan Club) Version only features one modernised classic, Doctor Doctor, and has a different track order.

US 1998 release is the same as Japanese except no 'Message'.

Lyrics avaliable

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