McAuley Schenker Group


Capitol (EMI) EMC 3539
(avaliable as CD: CDEMC 3539 )

Michael Schenker, Robin McAuley, Mitch Perry, Rocky Newton, Bodo Schopf

Side 1

Gimme Your Love Newton/McAuley
Here Today - Gone Tommorrow Schenker/McAuley
Don't Stop Me Now Schenker/McAuley
No Time For Losers Schenker/McAuley
Follow The Night Schenker/McAuley

Side 2

Get Out Schenker/McAuley
Love Is Not A Game Schenker/McAuley/Nelson
Time Schenker/McAuley/Newton
I Don't Wanna Lose Schenker/McAuley
Rock 'Til You're Crazy Schenker/McAuleySchenker/McAuley
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