Too Hot To Handle

Music Club MCTC 153
(avaliable as CD: MCCD 153 )

Various line-ups !

Side 1

Only You Can Rock Me Way/Schenker/Mogg
Too Hot To Handle Way/Mogg
Long Gone Chapman/Mogg
Profession Of Violence Chapman/Mogg
We Belong To The Night (live) Way/Carter/Mogg
Let It Rain (live) Way/Carter/Mogg
Lonely Heart Chapman/Way/Mogg
This Time Gray/Mogg
Lettin' Go Way/Mogg

Side 2

Lights Out (live) Schenker/Way/Mogg/Parker
Natural Thing Schenekr/Mogg/Way
Blinded By A Lie Carter/Mogg
Wreckless McClendon/Mogg
When It's Time To Rock Chapman/Mogg
Shoot Shoot Schenker/Mogg/Way/Parker
Young Blood Way/Mogg
Let It Roll Schenker/Mogg
Doctor Doctor (live) Schenker/Mogg

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