Michael Schenker Group


Chrysalis CHR 1441
(avaliable as CD: )

Michael Schenker, Gary Barden, Chris Glen, Ted McKenna, Andy Nye

Side 1

Rock My Nights Away Nye/Barden
I'm Gonna Make You Mine Nye/Barden/Schenker/McKenna
The Dogs Of War Schenker/Barden
Systems Failing Schenker/Barden
Captain Nemo Schenker

Side 2

Still Love That Little Devil Schenker/Barden
Red Sky Schenker/Barden/Glen/McKenna/Luis
Time Waits (for no one) Nye/Barden
Walk The Stage Schenker/Barden
Note: `Walk The Stage' called `Rock Will Never Die' on North American pressings and subsequent live recordings/collections.
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