Michael Schenker Group


Chrysalis CTY 1375
(avaliable as CD: GOCD312)

Michael Schenker, Gary Barden, Chris Glen, Cozy Powell, Paul Raymond

Side 1

Armed And Ready Schenker/Barden
Cry For The Nations Schenker/Barden
Attack Of The Mad Axeman Schenker/Barden

Side 2

But I Want More Schenker/Barden
Victim Of Illusion Schenker/Barden
Into The Arena Schenker

Side 3

On And On Schenker/Barden
Never Trust A Stranger Raymond
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Schenker/Barden/Glen/Raymond/Powell

Side 4

Courvoisier Concerto Schenker/Barden
Lost Horizons Schenker/Barden
Doctor, Doctor Schenker/Mogg
Are You Ready To Rock Schenker/Barden
CD version is same as vinyl except for no But I Want More.
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