Castle Communications RAWLP 029
(avaliable as CD: CCS CD 316 - does not include side 3 below)

Side 1

Rock Bottom Schenker/Mogg
Built For Comfort Willie Dixon
Highway Lady Peyronel
Can You Roll Her Peyronel/Mogg/Parker
A Fool In Love Miller/Fraser

Side 2

Shoot Shoot Schenker/Mogg/Way/Parker
Too Hot To Handle Way/Mogg
Gettin' Ready Schenker/Mogg
Only You Can Rock Me Way/Schenker/Mogg
Looking Out For No. 1 Way/Mogg

Side 3

Hot 'n' Ready Schenker/Mogg
Mystery Train Parker/Phillips
No Place To Run Chapman/Mogg
Profession Of Violence Chapman/Mogg
Chains Chains Way/Mogg

Side 4

Something Else
Doing It All For You
When It's Time To Rock Chapman/Mogg
Diesel In The Dust Carter/Mogg
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